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Holi 2019: History, Importance, Celebration, Facts, Festival


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The festival, Holi, (होली Holī) is a Hindu carnival of the spring season, which is a public holiday, and it is, the festival, #Holi, is public and the gazette holiday of the Indian, which is celebrate with huge glory and love.

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The festival, #Holi, is also known as the “festival of colours”, the festival, is last for the A night and a day, begin on the evening of the Purnima (Full Moon day), which is falls on the Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar in the month of the of Phalgun, which can be rejoice, either in the ends of the February month or in the middle of March as per the Gregorian calendar.

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Holi Festival of Colors

First evening, of the festival, #Holi, is widely, known as, the “Holika Dahan”, (burning of demon holika) or Chhoti Holi and the main festival is known as the Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, or Phagwah.

This is amongst the most loving, most famous, one of the prominent and popular, Hindu festival, which we all Hindus rejoice and celebrate from the generation to the generations.

Holi 2019: History, Importance, Celebration, Facts, Festival

The Hindu Festival Holi Story In Nutshell

Once upon a time, in the Braj region of India, It is the place as per the Wikipedia that the Hindu deity Krishna grew up; and he rejoiced a ceremony called, Rang Panchmi, which is being memorized the scared and divine love of Radha for Krishna.

Officially, this carnival was accompanied in the season of the spring, and due to the Rang Panchami, is display the Lord Krishna and Radha’s love, so alongside, it is regarded as the “festival of the color”, the Holi, is also consider as the, “Festival of the love”.

The Hindu Festival Holi Celebration

In North and Western India, the celebration of the above mentioned festival, is already start from the morning after done of the “Holika Dahan” (Holika bonfire). The rejoicing of the Holika bonfire means winning of the good over the evil.

#Holi is one of the most important and crucial festival of the Hinduism and India, indeed.

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