India vs Pakistan Live Hockey Score is the most trending stuff of the Hockey World League Semi-final. Stay tuned for live scores and updates from India vs Pakistan Hockey match which is now taking place now in London.

India will take on Pakistan on Saturday and India is in hope to finish the fifth series of the Hockey World League Semi-finals in London with graces. The Harmanpreet Singh captained India lost 2-3 to Malaysia to crash out from the tournament and were not in disagreement for the semi-final matches. Now, they take on Pakistan in the fifth-sixth place match and somehow there are drops to play the seventh-eighth place match.

Hockey World League: India vs Pakistan Live Hockey Score, India 6-1 against Pakistan in fourth quarter

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Earlier in the tournament, India smacked Pakistan 7-1 and now India is in hope to see a positive result.

Catch live score and updates from India vs Pakistan in Hockey World League semi-final.

India vs Pakistan Live Hockey Score and Updates: As India ready to face Pakistan in London in their fifth-sixth place, Canada has lashes Pakistan 7-3. The winner between India and Pakistan will next face Canada in their fifth-sixth place then.

1731 hrs IST: GOAL!! India makes it six! Pakistan doesn’t have any appointment to use but the umpire recommendation being used. No problem with that. Mandeep Singh with a strong shot to find the gap between Pakistan’s feet. 6-1!

1727 hrs IST: Video review taken by Pakistan. Ask for a PC but the review went against the match and the team. They lose their referral. Five minutes left in this match

1725 hrs IST: SAVE! Big save by the Pakistan keeper and defensive hold by the team Green. Rizwan Jr clears inside the area and the keeper has been overshadowed.

1723 hrs IST: Pakistan making some good moves towards the forward. First Irfan gets a overturn pass but it doesn’t find anyone to go on in order to saves and bring the attack. Next, another Pakistan attack, this time from the left, and a shot is aimed which is from the goal inside the D but the shot doesn’t have enough to beat Dahiya

1717 hrs IST: Final quarter underway. India leads 5-1. Can they successfully repeat of the Pool B fixture earlier where India had won 7-1!

1710 hrs IST: GOAL! Pakistan pulls one back after some miscommunication in the area of India, Ajaz Ahmed pulls one back – this is nearly following the system and story of the pool game.

1708 hrs IST: GOAL! Harmanpreet Singh makes it five for India. A low shot from the penalty corner and India is now up to by 5-0!

1657 hrs IST: Second half underway. This match is important for Pakistan to win if they are to harbor hopes of playing the 2018 World Cup in Delhi.

1644 hrs IST: GOAL!! SV Sunil rides strong challenges and passes the ball across the face of goal and Ramandeep Singh drop to deflect the ball into the goal, 4-0 now, 3 goals in 3 minutes by India. Repeat of the thrashing in the pool fixtures

1642 hrs IST: GOAL!! Thumbs up from Roelant Oltmans as Akashdeep Singh makes it 3-0 to India, smallest of angles as he moves down the left side, possibly tries to play a fellow blue shirt and indeed the player Amjad gets a touch that deflects the ball into the goal

1639 hrs IST: GOAL!! Pardeep Mor with a hitting drive into the goal and it looks like Talwinder with the final touch is all set to complete his sting. Unmarked in the area and too much space for Mor to get that pass and for Talwinder to get a touch. India is 2-0 up!

1637 hrs IST: CROSSBAR! Off the bar from Ramandeep, Pakistan protector fails to hold the ball properly and Ramandeep almost makes him pay with a descending and stretched effort that touches the top of the goal and goes over

1636 hrs IST: Things were brought even for while with the player Umair getting a yellow card. Now Pakistan reduced to ten men for five minutes

1631 hrs IST: Second quarter underway. Pakistan starts brightly with a ball coming across the face of goal but no one to attack and score. Meanwhile, Sardar Singh has been handed a green card. India is down to ten for now

1627 hrs IST: Ramandeep Singh has India in the lead after the first quarter. 1-0 after the first 15 minutes

1623 hrs IST: CHANCE!! Big, big chance for India to double their advantage, Ramandeep supplies the ball to Akashdeep who pour into the area and with the goal huge in front of him and just the keeper to beat, he scoops the effort wide. Very good chance for India that

1619 hrs IST: GOAL!! A packed Pakistan box and Ramandeep Singh gets a wee bit lucky to get a centimeter of space to slam the ball past the Pakistan keeper from close range.

1616 hrs IST: Mandeep gets smallest amount space and tries to get a shot on but it hits the Pakistan defender’s foot. Punishment corner marks India have been 4/15 on PC’s this tournament and that record gets worse. Passing in the area but this is not good enough for the player and it also nuisance the keeper

1615 hrs IST: Five minutes played in the first quarter and India has had a little look at the goal. Akashdeep has space in the Pakistan and he also sends his shot to the match.

1609 hrs IST: National anthems underway as players come out and then Pakistan first display followed by the India then.

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