Hindi Diwas: 14th September is celebrated across the country as Hindi Diwas. Now it will be yet to know why we rejoice the day as Hindi Diwas. Let recall the history behind the celebration of Hindi Diwas on 14th September.


It was 1947 when India got freedom from British rule then it was a big concern of language was standing before them. India is a multi cultural country which is also a massive and distinct language being spoken in the India as we know.

Hindi Diwas 2017: History & Significances’

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There are hundreds of languages which are spoken in the country and more than thousands of dialects. On 6th December 1946, Constitution Assembly decided to prepare the constitution of independent India. Sacchinanand Sinha was appointed as the Interim Director of Constitution Assembly; eventually, he was replaced by Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was the Chairman of Drafting Committee of Constitution Assembly. On 26th November the Assembly presented the final draft. So the independent India received its constitution on 26th January 1950 absolutely and completely.

But still, this is a major concern to choose the official national language of India.

Post a long debate and discussion, Hindi and English were chosen and declared as the National and the official language of independent India. The Constitution Assembly accepted Hindi written in Devnagri Script and English as an official language in 14th September 1949.

Later on, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru declared 14th September to be celebrated as Hindi Diwas in the country India as on this day Hindi declared being the national language of the country.

First Hindi Diwas was celebrated and rejoiced on 14th September 1953. Right from the war of independence, a single language was yet to declared as the official language anyway.

Ministers from different states suggested and think that Hindi should be ideal to be accepted as a language of communication for the country as most of the people are able to understand Hindi literally.

Alongside in the Northern part of India, states in Western India spoke and understood Hindi and consider it as their native language. But Southern and North-eastern states of India consider Hindi as a foreign language.

This is the crucial reason why Hindi wasn’t declared as the national language of India after independence officially but unofficially we use Hindi as the national language anyway.

As per the article 351 of Indian Constitution, it is the duty of Union government to promote the Hindi language as well to spread it.

Hindi is perhaps can be serving as a medium of expression for all the essentials of the amalgamated or combine the culture of the Nation India. It was conceived that Indian government will work towards promoting Hindi.

It will also consider it as a language that will be accepted in the whole country, then it will be declared the national language eventually and we celebrate Hindi Diwas on the name of that.

Now the time comes when English was all set to remove as an official language of India, a number of states in the country started protesting and revolting against this decision.

The Southern states of India saw a violent protest against this decision. In Tamil Nadu, in January 1965, riots were sparkle and took place on the language conflict. Following the incidents, Central Government of India made amendments in the Constitution to maintain English as well as Hindi as the official language in India.

Apart from the official languages of Hindi and English, Indian constitution’s eight schedules include 22 languages. So it will be ideal to say that India is having no national language and we celebrate Hindi Diwas as it is one of the official languages of the country.

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