Hina Khan Stole Minds, Souls and Hearts of the Fans. While Shilpa Shinde is BiggBoss 11 Champion

First thing first. I congratulate Shilpa Shinde for her magnificent win at BiggBoss 11 Finale gala on Sunday. At the same time, I also want to congratulate Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma and Hina Khan for reaching the finale week (top 4) this season.

The CheckerNews Exit Poll Predicted that Shilpa Shinde Will Win BB11

Well, to be honest, ‘to err is to human’, and in a game show like Big Boss, you can’t play flawlessly and without offending the other party and house mates. Such is the format of the game and captaincy task that members fight and try to outwit each other round the clock.

Did You Know: Both Puneesh Sharma (Msc) & Hina Khan (MBA) are the only two Master’s Degree Holders at Big Boss 11 Show?

I personally feel all the top 4 contestants having spent more than 100 days in BiggBoss 11 are real winners per se. Having said so, I also want to highlight that throughout the season, apart from Shilpa Shinde, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress also played her cards well.

Bigg Boss Exit Poll

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Hina Khan certainly deserved the trophy as well but obviously only one winner was destined to win, and it came out Shilpa Shinde.

Top 7 Reasons Why Hina Khan Is the Best

#7) During the Vikas’s Dictatorship task, Vikas Gupta asked Hina to break his bracelet, and step over his mom’s picture, but Lady Sher Khan never did the same though she pretended doing the task.

This itself shows how Hina Khan respects the elders and doesn’t stoop too low just for the sake of doing task. Yet, she remained competitive throughout the season in other tasks. I salute her for it.

#6) Even though Shilpa and Vikas fought fiercely in the initial days, Shilpa didn’t destroy Vikas’s Jackets, but she instantly broke Hina Khan’s cup with Sher Khan Engraved on the same. It was really a sad moment for Hina Khan and her fans.
Contrarily, Hina Khan never personally attacked Shilpa or her things to that extent in the show as far as my knowledge.
#5) Both Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde became friends during the weeks prior to Semi finale. At that time, Hina fully supported Shilpa. It was only after the Press Conference, Shilpa developed a strong animosity against Hina Khan.
#4) Hina raised her voice on several issues that required attention. She took all tasks seriously and fought hard for them. Definitely, Hina Khan’s voice and singing skills are rocking as well.
#3) Barring a few misunderstanding and confusion, she continued good bonhomie with both Luv Tyagi and Priyank as friends.
#2) She really doesn’t have as much good cooking skills as Shilpa Shinde. Viewers clearly saw how she was eating burnt chappati and egg fry that she cooked for herself. Still, Shilpa Shinde thinks as if Hina knew cooking !!
#1) Finally, as a viewer, it was really disheartening to see how Shilpa Shinde time and again ignored Hina and deserted her after winning the show.
Hina Khan is showing her interest in patching up with Shilpa Shinde, but the latter is openly showing reluctance to any such thing in the near future.
Big Boss Hina Khan

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The Last Word

“Ab Maan Bhi Jao Shilpa! Now, Please forget and forgive”.

Start a new friendship with Hina. Common, you are not just many years senior to Hina, but also a sensible lady. This is the apt time for both Hina and Shilpa to join hands, and demonstrate a new example of “bonhomie between two strong girls of celluloid screen in an exemplary manner”.

It is also the right time for Shilpa Shinde fans and Hina Khan Fans to call a truce and stop mocking each other on social media. It’s over guys. Get some fresh air and inspiration from your idols. And your idols will never ask you to indulge in any ugly fight on social media or in real life either.

(By Atish Home Chowdhury)

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