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Here Is How We Design the Best Bathroom for Our Clients?

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Whether you want a bathroom with classical aesthetics or a contemporary modern bathroom or a glamorous bathroom, there are many factors to consider and decisions to make.

We at Livit constructions believe that a bathroom should be a functional and beautiful place with a feeling of calm and peace so that you can really unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of life.

There are a few main elements that we decide upon before embarking on designing a bathroom or a bathroom renovation. These are:

  1. Budget

The first step we follow while working with a new client is to set up a budget for their new bathroom or bathroom renovation. All other decisions regarding plumbing placement, bathroom fittings, look and style are all made with the budget in mind.

The higher budget helps to explore more options, like a freestanding bath or a floating vanity. Also, don’t forget to take a look at your bathroom grate and opt for the one, which is made up of stainless steel.

We always look for creative and clever ways to cut down on costs, especially when it comes to tiling. We suggest our clients save on the cost by installing the tiles only to the wet areas, that being the shower area, around the bath.

  1. Design style and aesthetics

While designing a new bathroom or for a bathroom renovation, the first thing we discuss upon with our clients is the design aesthetic and style they want for the bathroom. Whilst choosing the style of the bathroom, we make sure that bathroom style blends seamlessly with the overall style of the house. Simple or glamorous, modern or contemporary, it is time to decide on the looks of your dream bathroom.

If you opt for a glamorous style bathroom renovation, we pay extra attention to the statement lighting such as chandeliers and intricate tilings such as mosaics, or even wallpaper for the bathroom walls. If you opt for a more contemporary style, we try to factor in plenty of clean, strong lines and natural stone floorings such as marble and natural stone.

  1. Features and client’s desires

After establishing a budget and the style and design aesthetics for the new bathroom, the next is to look at the features the client wants to include in the bathroom.

We make sure that the bath and shower are placed at a window to enjoy the view and natural light. Privacy is also of course factored in.

We specialize in designing bathrooms with a lot of glass, showing off the outside world, especially if there is a marvelous calming view outside.

We at Livit Constructions believe that storage is also an important feature to consider while working on the bathroom design. To add more storage to your bathroom we add a recessed cupboard above the vanity or below the vanity. We also make sure to provide a separate storage cupboard for linens and other consumables, making them easily accessible.

Our designers believe that adding under-floor heating and beautiful window treatment, whether it is curtains, blinds, or shutters depending on the style, all contribute to the wow factor of the bathroom.

Designer tips

Here are few tips and insider tricks from our professional designers to add astonishing elements to your bathroom:

  1. When it comes to tile choices, always select a feature tile such as mosaic tiles and keep the rest of the tiles more of a neutral finish to compliment the feature tile.
  2. You can dodge the eyes with the size of the bathroom tiles. Try large tiles to give an impression of a larger space.
  3. While selecting the vanity, be sure to choose the materials carefully, as the choices are endless.

Make the most of exclusive services

With Livit constructions, you can create a luxurious spa-like ambiance to your bathroom. Ranging from modern to classic designs, we offer a plethora of themes for the bathrooms.

As one of the most reputed bathroom interior design firms in Brisbane, we  will ensure that our options are in accord with the requirements and personal tastes of our clients.

With a promise of high-quality aesthetic standards, Livit Constructions is definitely an interior design firm you should hire for your next bathroom building or bathroom renovation project.