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Heart Touching: When Humanity Wins at Traffic Signal

Dog at traffic signal

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On a busy street in New Delhi, a traffic inspector (Suresh) was doing his duty.

Just near the check post, he heard sweet “bhow..bhow”. He noticed a terrified little puppy. The creature was extremely frightened seeing such speeding vehicles moving to and fro on the streets.

Puppy was actually staring at the other side of the road where another dog, probably his mother, was waiting for him with eyes wide open.

The little puppy wanted to cross the road but vehicles scared him.

Traffic cop with dog

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The kind-hearted Suresh then signaled red light indicating everyone to stop. Then, he safely took the puppy to its mom holding the little creature in his lap. The big dog was extremely happy to get his lost son back. She started licking the puppy showing the purest form of mother’s love.

Meanwhile, the traffic stuck there as it is for around half a minute.

Suddenly, local leader from a powerful political party, sitting in his Bolero car was fuming with anger as he had to wait for so long. Just when the traffic inspector was about to signal green light, he started shouting;

Politician:  Hey, what are you doing here? Are you gone mad?

Stunned Suresh: I am doing my duty here.

Politician: Are you kidding? You are here to help the commuters, not the dogs.

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Suresh: I know sir, but what wrong I did by helping a little puppy unite with his mom? They are citizens of this country too. I have moral obligations to serve them.

Politician: Don’t try to mess with me. Don’t you know who am I? Just wait for tomorrow! Suspension letter will be in your hand.

Suresh: As you wish.

Saying this, the leader went away in his Bolero.

Scene 2

SSP (traffic) inspector called in Suresh next morning. Suresh knew he might be suspended for taking on a local leader.

SSP: Today, a powerful leader from the local political party formally lodged a written complaint against you.

Suresh: Yes, I know sir. He threatened me yesterday.

SSP: I have fully read his statement, and now come to the conclusion that the complaint has no merit. I understood the whole context, and whatever you did yesterday was absolutely right.

Astounded Suresh said: Thank You, sir. I was doing my duty there.

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SSP: Suresh, I know you are an honest cop, and I have only one word for you Well-Done.

“We are here to serve the people and those mute creatures as well who live with us. Under any circumstances, we can’t agree to some leader’s baseless diktat. The arrogance of such leaders doesn’t deserve even our attention, SSP concluded.

Men in Uniform Protect Dog at the War Front

Mumbai cop cares dog

Image source: indianexpres

The entire police team gave a big round of applause for Suresh.

Humanity Finally Wins at Traffic Signal

Next day, at the traffic checkpost, the mom (dog) and son (puppy) stood by Suresh’s right hand side waging their tails. As if they were also saying “Thank You” for making a little lost puppy meets his mom.

Suresh cuddled both dogs and gave biscuits to them!

Note: This article is totally fictitious, but has some reference to real life event. The images are for representational purposes only.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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