The harvest festival of Kerala Onam has already started from the 15th August and all Malayalees are in the celebratory mood now.

The festival marks the yearly visit of the legendary King Mahabali where he to meet his subjects and the most awaited and Anticipated festival Onam is celebrated with huge glory, pomp, and fervor in the whole state.

This one ten-day long festival of the Thiruvonam and The festival Onam mainly celebrate in the same city.


The Very scared and The auspicious day of Thiruvoman is observed with special prayers, snake boat race, cultural dances, the grand feast, sweets, and pookalam (arrangement of flowers).

The festival Onam is a main and one of the chief festival of Kerala which is elaborate celebrations are witnessed in the state for those ten days. Each of the days has its own importance with rituals which is taking place among the Malayali people accordingly.

The carnival celebrates the rule of the very kind King Mahabali who ruled a flourishing empire once upon a time.

As per the mythology and legend In his affluent and flourishing kingdom, no man was divided on the basis on class, caste or religion.

The story further suggesting that the there was no cheating, dacoity or any illegal acts under his command.

In Kerala, the Onam is thus celebrated, by people of all religion with the great enthusiasm and gusto.

During Onam, Boat race is a grand affair which takes place in the state Kerala. In Aranmula, the Snake boat race takes place which is the most famous one.

The boat race in the Pamba also started after a Brahmin promised to sponsor Onam feast at The Aranmula Parthasarathy temple.

The Boat carrying foods were sending across the river for the temple feast. But once, the boat was attacked, the post which men started accompanying the boats in order to protect the offerings.

The practice eventually developed into a race by boats and take place every day of the Onam.

The lunch of the Onam has included 26 dishes consist of the mix of different vegetables with different spices to it delicious.

Payasam (kheer) is a sweet relished by Malayalees all over the world. At the same time as generally, Malayalees stick to vegetarian food on the day; North Keralites prefer to have meat and fish on the day of Onam who are settled in Thiruvonam.

During Onam celebrations, Another attraction is the Puli Kali (A Tiger Play). Men paint their bodies to look like lions or tigers and then they dance to the tunes of drums on streets and temple grounds which are also turn to be just showing stealing.

The art dates are the back to two centuries and this one is also a very long process. The play of this Onam festival is all about how tigers try to hide from the hunters in the forest

Conventionally, it is a game of hide-and-seek with three to four tigers and a hunter are involved.

During Onam, the Thrikkakara in Ernakulam district becomes an attraction center. Celebrations are held on all ten days of Onam. As per the mythology story and legend, Thrikkakara is believed to the place where Lord Vishnu actually arrived in the form of Vamana, stepped on the head of Lord Mahabali and then pushing him down to the netherworld.

The Thirkkakara temple is believed to build at the same spot where generally the legendary act took place from centuries.

The Mahabali offered his life which is mentioned in the story about the festival Onam so that Vamana spares the life of his subjects anyway.

Usually, temples also offer a nine-course meal named as the Onam Sadya. It is served on banana leaf. The lunch also includes sweets and other delicacies and this is also turning out to be the heavy meal.

on Thiruvonam, Dance, music, cultural performances adorn Thrikkakara temple when King Mahabali arrived to visit his subjects. People in the state dress up in traditional sarees and mundu (dhoti with golden border) and they then visit their relatives and friends on this day.

Women also adorn jasmine flowers on their hair which looks like too beautiful.

An additional attraction of Onam is Pookalam (the assortment of flowers). Beautiful blooms are arranged in prepossessing shapes and design in the courtyard or inside homes. The arrangement of flowers is made on all ten days of the festival.

Onam also marks the beginning of Malayalam New Year as per the regional calendar in which Chingam is the first month. Keralites consider the month of Chingam sacred and promising as some of the major festivals, including Sri Krishna Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Onam all rejoice and falls on the same month.

During the festival, Kerala receives a lot of non-Malayalee and non-Indian guests.

The Malayalees who reside outside Kerala is also rejoiced the carnival with the same zeal and fervor. Kerala Tourism also ensures that outsiders should receive a complete essence of the festival.

The tourism department arranges week-long celebrations at various places in the state’s capital city of Trivandrum. The festivities include cultural shows, food stall, folk art, handicraft exhibition, and classical dance and so on.

2017 – #HappyOnam: Quotes, celebrations, Wishes, Greetings, Messages & Whatsapp status

Happy Onam 2018 Quotes and Wishes

Every one sends wishes and quotes on the Onam day to their friends, relatives etc as a part of the celebrations. Check out the nice and rare collection of Onam Quotes and Wishes below.

Onam is the time for pookkalam on the floor; Children on swings; Tiger clad men with hunters behind them; People Enjoying sadyas with family. Let this Onam bring joy and prosperity to all. Happy Onam!

Keep the spirit of Onam in your hearts. May your home be filled with joy, love, and peace. Happy Onam!

Wishing you a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and Happy Onam to all Malayalees in the World.

It’s time for us to celebrate the spirit of Onam festival. It’s time to decorate the house with pookalams. It’s time to sing Onam songs. It’s time to engage in Onam games. Happy Onam to all Malayalees.

May the spirit of Onam festival fill your mind and give new hopes. Thiruvonashamsakal.

May the spirit of Onam be everywhere
In whatever things you do,
In things, you think of,
And in whatever you desire in your life
Wish you a Happy Onam

Hope this Onam brings you wealth and never-ending happiness.
Wish you a Very Happy Onam

May the God bless you and fill your heart with joy and happiness. May the color and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy. Have the most beautiful Onam this year.

O – Ormayude

N – Nanmayude

A – Aghoshangalde

M – Malayalikalude Ponnonam

Happy Onam

Poovili Poovili Ponnonamayi. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Onam.

To all my wonderful friends,
I’m hoping that this Onam festival is the start of your good and prosperous life.
Have fun with your family!

*May Lord Vamana bless you with a wonderful
harvest of your deeds at all times and on this
festive occasion, may you reap a wonderful
harvest of the crop, relationship, and happiness.

May child=like excitement grip you while you prepare to welcome Lord Mahabali this Onam. (Source:

*May your life be decorated like Pookalam,
sail in harmony like a snake boat, and provide
you variety like the food at community luncheons.

Wishing you all a happy Onam. (Source:

*I wish you a very Happy Onam,
may the god bless you and fill your
heart with joy and happiness.
May the color and lights of Onam fill
your home with happiness and joy.
Have the most beautiful Onam.

This Onam, just like the flowers in a pookalam, may there be harmony in your lives. (Source:

*Aishwaryavum, Samriddiyum …. Niranja nalla nalukal.. ennum undavatte oppam _manassil snehathinte oru …onam. HAPPY ONAM!


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