On 14th July, we all are ready to celebrate the Bastille Day, It’s been 228 years and counting since the storming and advent of the Bastille arrived, and Bastille Day is all about when French and common people of France in order to assert their formidable and strength against the abusive and exploitative French royalty.

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The Bastille Day is a kind of occasion which holds such a potent and powerful symbolic significance and implication that it’s still celebrated annually and leaves a good impact worldwide which also promote the essence — and not just in France, in fact globally.

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The spirit of the revolutionary of these chaotic, frenzied and gruesome events is a sibling to America’s own revolution just earlier few years.

In fact, in the year 1790, and actually the iron key to the Bastille itself this is eventually gifted to George Washington also!

The following quotes form words around the echoes is still ringing, humming and buzzing, regarding the Bastille Day which also makes people reminds of the fateful clash, which is consists of some lessons for rulers and ruling classes globally (self-appointed or otherwise).

Bastille Day is also regarded as the masses struggling to be heard and the day reminds us the struggle which can ever occur in the history of the European history.

Bastille Day is the common name given in English-speaking nations to this very important the national day of France, which is celebrated and rejoices on the 14th of July each and every year.

In French, the day is formally regarded as the “la Fête Nationale”; The National Celebration) and commonly and legally le 14 Juillet (French pronunciation: the 14th of July).

The French National Day is the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, which is also touted as a turning point of the French Revolution.

Also of the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people and the day was declared on the 14 July 1790. The Bastille Day Celebrations are held in the whole of Europe but the day is with much glory rejoice in the whole of France.

The largest regular and the oldest military parade in Europe is held on the 14 July, morning on the Champs-Élysées in Paris in front of the President of the Republic, alongside some French officials and foreign guests, Appeared in the Bastille Day celebration.

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Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, 1859
“Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death; – the last, much the easiest to bestow, O Guillotine!”

Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three, 1874

“‘Ninety-three’ was the war of Europe against France, and of France against Paris. And what was the Revolution? It was the victory of France over Europe, and of Paris over France. Hence the immensity of that terrible moment?, ’93, greater than all the rest of the century.”

Aja Raden, Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World, 2015

“The dysfunctional culture of aristocratic France had spun completely out of control. Everything was sugared and gilded. Jewels dripped from the aristocrats’ three-foot-high hair. There’s even a famous story that Marie Antoinette, having spent an unreasonable fortune (even by Versailles standards) on a pair of jeweled satin shoes for a party, was outraged when the next day the shoes were in pieces. When she called the frightened shoemaker to her and demanded to know why a pair of shoes that cost more than a home would fall apart after she wore them, he looked at her and stammered, ‘Well, madame, you walked in them.’ Confections were nibbled and thrown away, as was most of every night’s lavish banquet. Small peasant children were kept in elevated chambers fitted with tiny holes in the floor. Those starving children were tasked with trampling fine white flour down through the holes so that it would powder the wigs of the beautiful people as they walk from one room to another.”

Peter Weiss, Marat/Sade, 1965

They wear the people’s cap on their heads
but their underwear’s embroidered with crowns
and if so much as a shop gets looted
they squeal
Beggars villains gutter rats…”

Maximilien de Robespierre, Virtue and Terror, 1794

“Peoples do not judge in the same way as courts of law; they do not hand down sentences, they throw thunderbolts; they do not condemn kings, they drop them back into the void, and this justice is worth just as much as that of the courts.”

Hilary Mantel, A Place of Greater Safety, 1992

“At first they’d thought the guillotine would be a sweet, clean business, but when you have twenty, perhaps thirty heads to take off in a day, there are problems of scale.”

Bastille Day Parade At The Arc de Triomphe In Paris

Steve Erickson, Arc D’X, 1993
“Among any accumulation of citizens and soldiers, there was certain to be shooting, though who would fire on whom was never known until the shooting began, at which point soldiers might suddenly become revolutionaries.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862

“Not being heard is no reason for silence.”

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Also called:- French National Day
Observed by:- France
Type:- National Day
Significance:- Commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, and the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération on 14 July 1790.
Celebrations:- Military parades, Fireworks, Concerts, Balls
Date:- 14 July
Frequency:- Annual


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