The concept of Handwash is not new. The root of handwash usage in concept was very much prevalent in India since time immemorial. Though people say it was because of the innovations and improved scientific technology by developed countries that we got handwash, but it’s just a half truth. Vedic people were definitely well aware of the concept of hygiene. They tried to keep themselves disease-free using rudimentary form of self protection technique and available natural remedies at that time.

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These days, people speak a lot about racism, poverty, illiteracy and social work but without giving enough attention to health and ability to fight fatal diseases a dream of equitable society may continue to remain incomplete. Frequently using hand wash is the cheapest and simplest way to prevent diseases and stay away from harmful bacteria.

How Is Handwash changing The Way People View Cleanliness?

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A lot of risky diseases could be eliminated from our lives by using the handswash. It checks and controls the spread of contagious germs by person-to-person contact.

Undoubtedly, if we people of the nation are fit then so as the nation. The usage of handwash must be promoted everywhere around us including home, office, playground and school. You can also use hand sanitizers instead of handwash but that will cost you a little more.

Handwash Is A Necessity & Not A Luxury

These handwash products are available all across the Indian market at reasonable prices. Advertisements in the form of TVC (Television Commercial) and Print media play a big role to create awareness of the masses towards this important issue.

Even after seven decades of India’s freedom, many people don’t know the basic difference between soap and handwash. A handwash is undoubtedly the best solution to prevent infection from invading our body and immune system which otherwise is impossible through ordinary soaps. These soaps also contain higher amount of soda and other chemical compounds.

How Is Handwash changing The Way People View Cleanliness?

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Cleanliness makes one fit and fine. We should use handwash regularly to avoid falling sick. A sick people can’t enjoy the mental and physical freedom that healthy and fit people do. Every year, flu and viral diseases hamper the daily lives of many people but these threats could be easily mitigated by making handwash a daily part of our lives.

A hand is the busiest part of our bodies. We use hands for several purposes round the clock. All types of dirt and germs do get stick to our hands without our notice. This makes it impossible to even trace the infected micro-organisms in our hands, and we unknowingly let them enter inside our bodies to do harm. Ironically people prefer buying costly cosmetics than hand wash.

How Is Handwash changing The Way People View Cleanliness?

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Your Hands Are A key to your good health

You can also buy an economic refill hand wash pack at a price which is equal to what you will pay for general toilet soap. Big brands such as Dettol, Lifbuoy, Savlon and others are leading the charts when it comes to top handwash products of India. The threat of deadly diseases such and cholera and diarrhea among children could be eliminated to a great extent by using Hand wash.

Globally, 15th October is celebrated as the international day of handwash. It is an internationally recognised awareness day to raise awareness of the masses about the benefits of hand wash and cleanliness.

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