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GST Breaking Alert – File Your Return And Nil Statement ! Step-By-Step Process



Ever since its launch in 2017, GST, has always mired in controversy from time to time. Entrepreneurs feel that the complexity, varied rate structure and difficult-to-understand GST-related norms and compliance have made it a bit confusing. It was initiated by our late finance minister Arun Jaitley with a hope that one country-one tax would be a new reality, but India’s Gen – Y of young entrepreneurs & startup founders are finding it a difficult tax process to deal with.

That’s the reason why Leesha Arya and Mehak Malik, who launched JJ TAX App in May 2020, are quite ambitious about it. They are currently working with JJ Chartered Accountants & Associates in Gurugram. They wanted a tax-simplified app that could help the young generations understand the various Tax filing norms in India.

You can also file your returns in GST invoice format in Word.

With more than 500 downloads already from Google play store and a lot of downloads from Apple store as well, JJ TAX APP has been really doing well since its launch. The app has successfully struck a chord with the millenials.

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These youngpreneurs within the age bracket of 20-30 years heaved a sigh of relief following the launch of this app. They can now at least fill out their GST returns without much worries.


  • Launching Date: 18/05/20
  • Ranking 4.9
  • Downloads 500+
  • Minimum Age Requirement: NA
  • Free Downloadable
  • Founded By: Mehak Malik and Leesha Arya
  • Services: IT Facilitates ITR, TDS and GST Returns
  • Size: 11 MB
  • Membership Plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Dollar

How Can Taxation App Help You?

Taxation forms the core of a nation’s economy. It’s important for small and large businesses to fill their GST or Goods and Service Tax returns on time. JJ TAX App is quite easy and instant. Also, the app provides consultancy services through which these young CEOs can get help relating to complying with the GST norms while filling out their returns.

You can enter your income and business transaction details of the assessment year on the app itself. Once everything is ready then you need to press the submit button. The app also helps in demystifying and introducing various economic and taxation terms and jargons to the users for their benefits.

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Compliance with GST laws is mandatory for all applicable business units and firms. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the government has allowed the late filing of GST returns for traders and businessmen. The government has also scrapped the late fee in this regard. Please read this report for more information.

Filling Your GST & Income Tax Returns 

If you hire the services of any professional or Tax experts for filing out your Tax returns, then the cost will be much above than JJ TAX App – membership plans. You can easily use the app on any Android-powered and iPhone-compatible devices. You can easily file out your returns in a few simple and easy steps. That’s why this app is so popular among the Startups and new firms.

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The App now aims at adding more than 50+ crore PAN cardholders and 2-Crore GST-registered users in the next few months. JJ TAX acts as a trusted adviser for the young entrepreneurs and startup founders who may not be having enough ideas about the nation’s GST system and other taxation procedures.

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