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There is a Green Vegetable Which Work as a Medicine

There is a vegetable which is proved as a boon for living being. This vegetable not only work in against of the deadly disease like Asthma in fact it’s gives us protection from other diseases too.

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Research says that capsicum is a vegetable which work against Asthma and Cancer. It is herbal fruit which is studied by food researcher in every angel and they got a crystal clear result that consumption of capsicum is good for a good health.


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Capsicum is known as chilly paper or bell paper in common language while its medical or scientific names are Capsicum annum and Capsicum frutescens.

There is a Green Vegetable Which Work as a Medicine

This vegetable is a result of an annual plant and this vegetable is native to Mexico. Means Mexico witness first the growth of capsicum. Now people from worldwide familiar with the vegetable and farmers are cultivating it in different regions of the world which are warm.

Capsicum is most researched vegetable of world and approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that eat can be edible fruit and can be eaten round the year.

Scientist found the fact in their research that Capsicum make our Oxygen receiving organ stronger and it also protect our DNA to damaged. Over the years research consider it as herb and it also treated as medicine in fact work as an alternative source in some diseases in some condition and in some countries. Such as upset stomach, headache, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stomach ulcer, indigestion, itching, toothache, asthma, cancer, fever and malaria.

May be capsicum is come in the category which is use by scientist to prepare cream, ointment gel or lotion. If you have pain in your any body part you can rub it and you may get relief by it. You can get it with or without prescription but it is better to consult doctor or skin doctor before applying anything on your body.

Capsicum is available in health food store as tonic or capsule. You will get it in form of tea also. Capsicum is herb which we are using in form of vegetable.

We witness insects in every vegetable almost but hardly have we witnessed insect on capsicum as it is a natural insecticide which provide protection from insects. So there is some spray available in market and by spreading this spray you can get rid sof insects.

Capsicum is work as medicine in fever, sore throat, in cold season. It is help human body in flowing of the blood in his arteries.Overall capsicum is a good vegetable. Can be consume by a pregnant women even.