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Friday the 13th: Some Greek Superstition & Fallacy Of The Western Culture

Friday the 13th: Some Greek Superstition & Fallacy Of The Western Culture: Though Even the Greeks fear Tuesday the 13th as a bad luck day, the Anglo-Saxon culture that has invaded and attacked the nation through movies, television, and the Internet has brought and regarded the Friday the 13th as the bad omen day which is also considered as the forefront anyway.

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All several and different kind of races and cultures consider 13th Friday as the bad omen or the phenomenon day which includes, English, Western and Greeks cultures.

After all, this will be ideal and yet to remember that the Black Friday has become a fixture in Greek consumers’ consciousness, so it is obvious that the 13th Friday will be also regarded as the bad or the unlucky omen in the western culture alongside the Greek culture?

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The Greeks have some superstitions, with some of them globally thinking and believe that if they come across certain things, then the rest of the day — or even year — can be regarded as the unfortunate year or may be full of bad luck.

Friday the 13th: Some Greek Superstition & Fallacy Of The Western Culture:

The evil eye

For example, the major and principal Greek superstition must be “To Mati”, the evil eye. Most Greeks feel that they are under the spell of the evil eye as they are too beautiful, or too rich. No matter which category or group, many Greeks run to the “xematiastra”, (the woman who knows how to send away to mati).

Black cats

Greeks cannot see black cats to seen and cross in the front of them. They will freak out if they see a black cat as they think and believe that black cat is to be harbingers of bad luck, even though a logical or rational person would say that this is only colour of this animal and black cat have nothing to do with bad omen or unfortunate luck and this has no connection with the 13th Friday.

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Broken mirrors

Also, broken mirrors freak Greeks because they believed that the broken mirror can bring seven years of bad luck. If a mirror breaks inside a home, some may even want to pack up to leave the house in order to protect themselves from the bad omen or from the unfortunate luck.

This is so as people of Greece believed thinks and considers that a mirror does not only reflect the image of a person but also the soul of their body.

Dried up flowers

Dried up flowers are believed to be signs of very infamous bad luck as well. After all, dried up flowers are, in essence, consider as the dead flowers. And who wants dead things in the house, so the Greek people also don’t keep or include dried flowers in their home.

An old calendar

An old calendar or belonging is related with the last or the previous year which is also as per Greek thought bad as it demonstrates the quick passage of time. And the days which will become will not good for the contemporary people.

Greeks also think about the spilled salt. They say that if you spill salt by accident, then bad luck can be on your way, so they are very particular and careful when they handle with the salt.

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Should not disrespect the bread

The Older Greeks also believe that people should never put bread upside down since this is disrespect for the Lord that gives us fellow human bearings the bread to eat. If people do so disrespect food or bread then they will end up poor and hungry.

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Don’t drop your spoon

Another superstition that becomes famous, trendy and visible over the table is that if you drop your spoon, hungry people will sit on your table. Interesting na?

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No Greek wants to walk under a ladder

Finally, no Greek wants to walk under a ladder. Because According to the Greek Orthodox Christians, the ladder forms a triangle and if this will be put against the wall and in that time when people will be walking underneath is an indication and symbol of impertinence the Holy Trinity which is not good anyway as per their myth and believes.


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