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Top 5 Things I Have Learned After Failing at Government Jobs Exams

red panda

red panda

Government Jobs Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lesson

Today’s topic for discussion is quite unusual, but after finishing this article, you will certainly find yourself at an elevated level of understanding.

Cutting the long-story short, it’s not only about myself, but about the future of a lot of candidates who appear at government job exams, but somehow couldn’t taste success.

For those who get success at these highly competitive job-oriented examinations, a big round of applause for each one of them 🙂 I”m particularly referring to computer-based online written examinations, and subsequently interviews here.

Government Jobs: An Enigma or Real?

To begin with, let me first introduce you to the topic.

In the post-liberalised and globalised era, there are numerous job opportunities at private sectors. However, everyone wants to grab a government job. You know why?

Well, various people will give various answers to this question. As a matter of fact, it is the job security and career prospect that make government job the first choice among the youth.

What Did I Learn from These Competitive Exams?

#5) failing at government competitive exam has nothing to do with your humongous knowledge or skills. If you can’t finish all answers within a stipulated time, then you are not worth it.  

#4) Even, PhD scholars can’t say it with a certain degree of confidence that they will pass a government competitive exam without much preparation.

#3) Just like you, there are millions of other candidates who are studying 24×7 to crack these exams. So, each time matters.

#2) There are no pass marks at competitive exams. You should have big heart to accept that you not qualified to the second round despite correctly answering 95 questions!

#1) I don’t believe in accepting defeats in life too easily. Even after a couple of failures at government competitive exams that I have recently appeared, I am determined to crack at least one government competitive job exam some time in future, and will definitely join the same 🙂

My Expert Advice on How to Face Failure

My word of advice for all candidates preparing hard for government competitive job exams is, “Nobody excels or fails at competitive exams, it’s only cut-offs that matter.

So, why should you feel dejected on not able to get a government job?

Be happy, at least a number of well-deserved candidates have found their dream jobs. They might need these jobs more than you, and they have been highly industrious to get the same. Is this not enough to bring a big smile to your faces? 

The Last Word

Finally, someday, if your age crosses, and you are not within that age-group to compete at government exams, despite having all the essential qualifications and certifications, then just take it this way,

“Well, God created me to do something different, unique and wonderful in life. And, now is the time to give it back to the world. Get, set, go.

Believe in yourself and start taking all your future endeavours or jobs or entrepreneurship more seriously with a determination to measure your true success by gauging how many happy faces you have witnessed from the start to finish of that project.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)