The son of popular Telugu filmmaker T Krishna, the Actor Gopichand, made his acting debut in a lead role with the movie Tholi Valapu, in 2001, but the film did not gave him good starting which he expected.

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He was not bogged down by the failure and the popular actor Gopichand marked his second outing in the negative roles with the movie Jayam, Nijamand Varsham. In 2004, he marked his second debut with the movie Yagnam and since then, Gopichand, is having success and he never looked back.

As of now, Gopichand is ready with his next movie Pantham, he opens up in this group interaction about why he treats every movie and as per the actor he also his break limitation as an actor.

It has been four years since Gopichand is giving a series of the hit and his new film Pantham hit screens on the last Thursday worldwide.


Recalling how this project materialised, Gopichand said he was not really interested in the project when its director K Chakravarthy Reddy aka Chakri approached him for this action movie. “I wasn’t sure if I should work with a newcomer at this point in my career. When Chakri brought the script, I reluctantly sat down to listen to it but by the end of the narration, I was really impressed and immediately gave my nod,” Gopichand said.

But the actor is also tensed for Chakri that the movie can translate everything from script to the screen in order to do anything in the well convincing manner. “I have had a few bad experiences where scripts that were great on paper failed to work when it was made into a film. Chakri assured me he will take care and I believe the film has come out well.”

The film Pantham arrives with an interesting tagline – ‘For a Cause’ – and Gopichand confidently says the social angle the movie attempts to address will really strike a chord with the audiences. “I don’t want to reveal the issue we’ve addressed but I strongly believe the social angle will work with the masses. It’s a very relevant problem and one that’s very relatable in current times.”

Although happy to know Pantham is his 25th film, Gopichand does not really consider it as the milestone. “When we started this project, we really didn’t know it was my 25th film. Someone from the team counted my films and pointed it out. Honestly, I don’t see it as a milestone because I see every film as my first film. It’s a very competitive world and each film matters for an actor to sustain in the industry.”

As the conversation veered towards his form and the fact can’t be ignored, that Gopichand has not did bad movie till now post he made his acting debut. “All my films were good on paper but somehow they didn’t work when it came to the execution part. I’ve been part of projects where I’ve known a few days into the shoot that the film won’t work but there’s nothing much I could do because the producer has already invested. I really don’t hold anyone accountable but the last few films have been an eye-opener and I’ve become careful with my choices. Hope the bad form changes with Pantham.”

Gopichand’s father in his brief career produced some socially-conscious, powerful movies, like, Vande Mataram, Pratighatana and Repati Pourulu.

Throwing light on why he is restricting himself to mostly commercial movies, Gopichand said, “I know my limitations as an actor. I’d love to do the kind of films dad made as they are still relevant but nobody writes such scripts for me and I usually choose from what I get. But I believe Pantham will be a very powerful film.”

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