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Golu: Facts, Narration, Account, Celebration, Pics, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, FB Status, Photos, Tweets

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Well, in this article we will discuss the festival, called, Golu, which is very prevalent and famous South Indian festival. The carnival, Golu, is also widely, known as Navaratri Kolu, which is an autumn festival. And in this Hindu festival, Golu, we all showcase the dolls and figurines, and in the whole South India, the festival is celebrated with massive zeal and enthusiasm.

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Well, the celebration, Golu, is being observed and celebrated on the multiday Navaratri (Dussehra, Dasara), which is touted and regarded as one of the most important Hindu festivals, ever.

Well, the Hindu festival, Golu, is showcasing the typically thematic, recount a legend from a Hindu text or a secular cultural issue. The festival, Golu, is wide, known as Kolu, Gombe Habba, Bommai Kolu or Bommala Koluvu.

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The festival, Golu, is sometimes also regarded as the golu doll, which is generally and typically made by rural artisans from clay and local materials then brightly painted.

Golu: Facts, Narration, Account, Celebration, Pics, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, FB Status, Photos, Tweets

Well, during the festival, golu display season, families and friends visit each other house, with some gifts to outlook and chit-chat over the golu display, share a celebratory and happy meal, and sometimes play music or sing devotional songs collectively.

While, one of the most Hindu temples, like, Meenakshi temple, which is arranged sophisticated showcase, and the golu demonstrate each year for Navaratri, or you can say, on the occasion of the Durga Puja.

You can say that the festival, Navratri, which is one of the major and the popular Hindu festival, is known as Golu, in South India.

The festival, Golu celebrates and displays are predominate, in some of the South Indian states, which include, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and amongst some their diaspora people and the communities.

The festival, Golu, is started with the occasion of the Mahalaya, and it is marking its ending, Vijayadashami, and the festival, is associated with the Hindu popular festival, Navratri.



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