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GlobalPatron: The Best Online Form Builder Software For Startups & SMBs

Online forms are an integral part of any business organization. Starting from job applications, customer satisfaction surveys, data collection to lead generation, you always need customized forms at your disposal.

GlobalPatron, launched in 2020, is headquartered in Australia. It is available online as free online form creation software. It’s getting rave reviews these days!

Thanks to its advanced security process and simplified user-friendly platform. You can easily create umpteen online forms in varied formats and templates using this app.

According to Hubspot, 74% of firms use online forms to generate new leads for their business, while 63% of them drive quality traffic to their website using these customized questionnaires. So what are you waiting for?

Subscribe to GlobalPatron today, a truly international form builder app with its global presence in more than 35+ countries.

Ideation, Initiative And Innovation

Business houses definitely use one or more form builder apps to create personalized and professional forms for a variety of purposes. It won’t be wrong to say that without these apps, business firms will find it extremely difficult to even manage their day to day work.

GlobalPatron, an online form creator, is having a different approach. Apart from facilitating the creation of superior forms with advanced features, the app also aims at giving any surplus profits earned back to society.

The company doesn’t want to keep on accumulating wealth, but wants a satisfied customer base across the world. It’s also working sustainable development through its eco-friendly approach to fulfilling business goals.

Customers’ attention span is decreasing day by day. If you wish to stand out from the rest, then your form has to be in sync with the demand of the 21st century. It should be appealing, easy-to-fill-out, intuitive, and highly secured. Even if any of these factors goes wrong, it will badly impact your business.

GlobalPatron, a relatively new player in the market, is the best app to fulfill your multiple business goals.

We briefly describe below how GlobalPatron stacks itself against JotForm and TypeForm

GlobalPatron Vs JotForm Vs Typeform

Online Payment Form: You can create payment forms using any of these. However, GlobalPatron offers you advanced password-protection feature while creating payment forms for maximum security and data safety.

Drag and Drop Feature: This feature is available with all these form builders. Get extra intuitive drag and drop facility with GlobalPatron.

Appeal and Design: According to online reviews, GlobalPatron’s appearance is rated as far better than other form creators.

Free Plan: Enjoy a wide variety of features and options with GlobalPatron (GP). But, TypeForm and JotForm have some restrictions on their Free-Plan.

Paid Plans: JetForm and TypeForm are relatively expensive than GP.

Data Security: The Aussie startup is empowered with more security features than its competitors. It has strict security layers with strong encryption codes to protect user data.

Payment Gateway: GlobalPatron and TypeForm come with a single payment platform that is Stripe. But, JotForm supports multiple payment gateways integration. However, GP is compatible with GooglePay’s payment system.

Free Submission Limit: You can use GP for 50 monthly submissions with no restrictions. Contrarily, JotForm and TypeForm will facilitate 100 monthly submissions under their Free plans with some restrictions.

Spam Protection: All three apps are fully spam-protected.

Most of the forms available online are just the exact replica of each other. If you wish to try something new, innovative and attractive, then you should opt for GlobalPatron. It’s versatile, simple and with a host of unique features that you won’t get in any other app.

GlobalPatron: Top 5 Features At A Glance

Payment Receivable: The app supports you to pay or receive online funds from anyone across the world in highly secured payment forms.

Direct Deposit: Any payment received via GlobalPatron forms will be directly deposited into your local bank account, and in your currency.

Limit Setting: Set your form limit to protect them from any unauthorized use. You can set a limit based on per logged-in users.

Mandatory Fields: Set some mandatory fields within your questionnaire such as contact number – that’s unskippable. Users are purposely evasive towards filling out these data. Making these questions mandatory means customers will have fill out the same before pressing the submit button on the form.

Save And Resume: Give your customer the freedom to fill out their form as and when they want. With GlobalPatron, you can create customisable forms that customers can fill at multiple intervals. They can start filling out details from the last saved portion. However, customers need to press save and resume options to save the completed work.

Online Form Builder: Necessity Or Optional?

You have to pick the most appropriate form building app or else it might negatively affect your business. Without forms, it will be literally, impossible to gather essential data from them.

GlobalPatron provides a hassle-free form creation process with several predefined templates and easy payment integration to encourage more and more customers to fill out their data in simple steps. It offers full data protection while facilitating a hassle-free online payment process.

The Conclusion

Online forms are the soul of any business organization. They are straight forward, user-friendly and quick. Customers are more likely to fill out an online form than writing an email.

Online forms are always succinct and up to the point. You can also integrate Google Tag Manager to analyze the number of users who filled out the forms, their locations, and other key data such as contact details.

GlobalPatron’s easy analytics will give you useful insight into your business progress, which you could use for business promotion or lead generation purposes. All incoming responses will be integrated in the form of a centralized database on your dashboard. The app will keep you updated with its unique alert system once a user completely filled out the form.

Global Patron offers advanced themes, attractive style and an easy integration system with other technical features without any necessity of knowing coding or other software programming.

So, it’s a business-friendly app that you can use for the fulfillment of multiple business objects to improve your overall profits and ROI.

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