The subject and topic of Ghosts and evil spirits is something which is actually always intrigued or interested us. In fact, merely anybody can say that the topic of Ghosts or spirits never fascinated them.

Actually, the internet, social sites and various websites are is full of theories and stories about spirit or Ghosts or ghostly affairs. The Ghosts or souls whatever it is, it is called something which is other from this world and it also tends to spark fear in the believers. That is why Ghosts or ghostly affairs or whatever it is, these are always considering the supernatural stuff.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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In this article, the Indian Paranormal Society, throw light on some myths and highlights of some amazing facts about ghost or soul which will help you get familiar with this unknown creature!

Sentimental or Emotional Vampires: 

Have you ever heard about sentimental or emotional kinds of vampires or Ghosts and those Ghosts will be actually able to emotionally drained, when you will be around them as they are emotional Ghosts!

But those Ghosts are called Emotional or Psychic Vampires who are so badly surrounded in their own anguish that they have no even idea that their negative effect actually comes from the people around them.

The exhausting impact on the people have on others is similar to the psychic attacks done by demonic spirits. If your own stress or negativity can drain you emotionally, then obviously you will be your own Emotional Vampire or Ghosts.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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We can have many stories about when people have reported some words, blood stains, hand and footprints which they witness on random things such as the wall, clothes, paper, fabric, etc. It is also fascinating to notice that these all stuff happened even without any human involvement with this.

Obviously, people go scary to see these things and they consider it as Ghosts or ghostly affairs. But as per science, it is a particular kind of phenomena known as “Hemography”.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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People sometimes smell something which is not practically present physically!

“Phantosmia” is a form of olfactory hallucination or illusion. Sometimes we obviously consider it Ghosts or ghostly affairs. This word is derived from the Greek Phanto meaning Phantom and Osmia and the word stand for the English term smell.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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Can evil spirits or Ghosts attack or harm people!

It is true that sometimes we heard that some people have been attacked by malevolent spirits or Ghosts. But how much there is truth behind this stories will be interesting to find out! It is usually due to some people can scare of hosts or supernatural stuff so they often feel so that Ghosts or spirits can attack them. Attacks happen when a person think that the Ghosts or spirits are strong enough to attack them and they imagine the same thing on their mind.

Those attacks are not dangerous and it involves generally only pulled, push, pull or a shove. Some reports say that burning sensation, bruising or minor scratching. Yet other reports include larger items being thrown sometimes and people witness this. Even though there are hundreds of stories about it, there is no prominent proof which can say that Ghosts or spirits can practically harm or attack people.

Spirits are largely impotent when it comes to the physical ability we know this as per believes as a soul are actually unable to do anything. hosts are the form of soul certainly. The biggest threat is a psychic attack and it gives the feeling of claustrophobic, fear, anxiety etc.

Evil spirits are bullies who use psychic attacks as an attempt by a malevolent person and by doing these they can make scared a weaker person. This is actually a phenomenon or phobia to scared ghosts which is technically known as “Phasmophobia” which means the fear of ghosts. The word originates from Greek word ‘phasmos’ which means ‘supernatural being/phantom’ and phobos term means ‘deep dread or fear’.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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• The word haunts mean visiting a place regularly and it hs actually no relation with the term ghost or spirits only.

• Spirits are consciousness of living beings which survives physical death.

• Spirits want attention from living people but they don’t want to harm people.

• Paranormal activity some kind of work which can be observed at the day time too.

• The sound of footsteps, smell (rose, sandalwood, pungent and rotten eggs) and knocks these are common symptoms of a haunted place.

• A place can be haunted by spirits for 100 years and people will not even have idea of it.

• Evil spirits or Ghosts are bullies but they feared the strong-hearted people who can stand for themselves. So often they attack weaker kind of people who are having the weak heart.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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Myths of Ghosts

• Ghosts can kill humans.

• “Ghost” have twisted legs.

• Believes those ghost wear white clothes.

• Ghost can enter into someone’s body to control his mind.

• Spirits bring misfortune or they can deplete wealth.

• Djinns can overpower people, actually, they are powerful in our though there is nothing in reality.

• Spirits are responsible for someone’s ill health or mental problems.

• Souls can be captured in a bottle and all souls are evil.

Ghosts And Spirits – The Amazing Facts!

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