The MVP Pictures, The movie production house now is ready with its next horror movie title as the Gentayangan and trailer of this Indonesian movie is released to go viral at the social site and on the internet.

The forthcoming movie Gentayangan is obviously a horror genre movie. As per the title suggest, the movie Gentayangan seems to set up in a hotel backdrop or background.


Something which is specialty about this movie is that this film Gentayangan helmed by the Shyam Ramsay, the veteran Bollywood director.

He is known for his series of the horror genre movies in India, which includes, Purani Haveli, Veerana, Dak Bangla, Ghoongroo Ki Awaaz, Tehkhana and so on.

On the other side, the drama Gentayangan itself is also turning to be debut movie of Shyam Ramsay in the country Indonesia.

Gentayangan: First Indonesian Movie Directed By Shyam Ramsay Of The Ramsay Brothers, Watch Trailer

The story of the movie is set on the background of an old hotel and the movie showcase the scary and gripping atmosphere which is enough to give you goosebumps and some scary goals.

The movie features, the actors from Indonesia, such as Baim Wong (Abimanyu Karindra), Nadine Alexandra (Sofia), and Jelita Callebaut (Sheila) in the lead roles and it seems like this movie also connected Indian film industry with the Indonesia film industry.

The movie Gentayangan hit theaters in Indonesia on 16th August 16th which is well received by the fans and audiences’ of the country. It will be really interesting to see the filmmaker Shyam Ramsay’s direction in the movies of Indonesia.

Obviously, there is some expectation from the movie Gentayangan, as the Indian film director Shyaam Ramsay’s names are associated with the project anyway.

At the late 70s and 80s era, it was The Ramsays who managed to bring something different to the Bollywood silver screen and technically, very first person dare to produce and direct a full-fledged horror movie.

For around three decades he kept making horror movies but somehow these days he vanishes from the silver screen. In this time it will be really interesting to see Shyam Ramsay’s’ direction in the international market for the Indonesian movie Gentayangan.

Now this will be ideal to say that with the movie Gentayangan Ramsay Brothers go Global.


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