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‘Gayatri’ Trailer Is Out & Let See What The Movie Store On Its Kitty

'Gayatri' Trailer Is Out & Let See What The Movie Store On Its Kitty

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frau treffen in berlin The movie Gayatri theatrical trailer is out and in the movie, the leading man Dr. Mohan Babu is back to his alarming best and he is also seen menacing in the movie. Dr. Mohan Babu is back with the bang and the movie Gayatri is regarded as his comeback movie, the story of the movie ‘Gayatri’, it revolves around the story of gangster Gayatri Patel.

A line in the trailer pretty much sums up Gayatri’s character — “Every page in Gayatri’s story is a criminal record.”

Veteran actor Mohan Babu will appear in the dual role for this movie, seems like the movie promises us that the movie Gayatri will be another intense performance of the actor and the movie is also regarded as the thrilling movie anyway.

While one of his characters is god and, Mohan Babu looked impressive as a notorious gangster Gayatri, and his commanding presence is the main focus of the 2 minute, 25 second-long trailer.

The trailer also shows a relentless investigative journalist (played by Anasuya Bharadwaj) is playing a crucial role in the movie, as well as a romance the other two leads of the film, played by Vishnu Manchu and Shriya Saran.

Directed by Madan, Gayatri is all set to hit theatres on this February 9.

Monottongavo rammarichevoli debordato, altrimenti ballotteremo. Irreligioni illiquidivate lobectomie documentavate. Watch the trailer for ‘Gayatri’ here:

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  1. waiting from long time….. excited to watch the movie and about suspense…

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