“Game Of Thrones Season 7″: “Game Of Thrones Season 7” is a clear winner and the show is also emerging to be number one fictional TV series of the year with the massive fan base the show “Game Of Thrones Season 7” received.

The internet has been going crazy over “Game Of Thrones Season 7” and the show is back with the bang this time! People have been tuned to Hotstar ever since the show “Game Of Thrones Season 7” started with some of the rave reviews and reactions the show is having. The show had a mind-blowing 16.1 million viewership across all HBO platforms, as per the report published in the media portal Entertainment Weekly.

“Game Of Thrones Season 7” breaks its own record and became massive show of the year

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The ratings and viewership of the show are even better than the last season and reportedly the premiere season of “Game Of Thrones Season 7” collected 50% increase viewership from the last season and totally justifies all the hype about the upcoming war in the show.

In the Twitter, netizens are seen speaking of the leading star Arya Stark and Ed Sheeran and their cameo roles in the show. Needleless to say that the show “Game Of Thrones Season 7” got off to ramble reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, scoring 8.21 out of 10. In fact, our in-house critic, Gaurang Chauhan also rated the first episode, Dragonstone, 4 out of 5, mentioning that Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark stole the show completely.

Twitter has been going crazy ever since the show “Game Of Thrones Season 7” started with some massive feedback it receives on its kitty.

The show has been gaining more viewers with every season and it’s getting more interesting.

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In fact, the preview of the second episode has hit more than a million views on YouTube. The current season has seven episodes total and on the last year, the TV series “Game Of Thrones Season 7” was having 6 seasons.

With the popularity of the show increasing so much, it will definitely be a challenge for HBO to stay in the TRP race. Even if they come up with spin-offs or prequel series (which is under development) still with the popularity of “Game Of Thrones Season 7” and its actors David Benioff or Dan Weiss it will work.

The first season of the show had averaged 3.3 million viewers while the sixth one had over 25 million views per episode across all platforms.

Considering the numbers then, 16.1 million viewers and counting is definitely a big number for a premiere of the show. Looking at all the buzz and popularity, this season of the fictional show “Game Of Thrones Season 7” will surely create record.

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