With help of archaeology, History revealed that ancient Indians ate Rice and barley as their staple food. Drink was also known during Vedic period. They knew about fried barley, curd, variety type of beverages and someras, meat. In vedic period both veg and non veg dishes were served.

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According to written record Rig Veda hymns tell us that how Arians cultivated fruits and vegetable and variety type of pulses like arhar, Masoor, masa, gram and peas. They ate food after cleaning the same. Foods were cooked in stone vessel.  Food was always central to the Indian philosophy.

Food in ancient vedic period

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We are fortunate that we know from Veda that what type foods were taken by our angelic godfather. Ramayana clearly mentioned many food items like rice, pulses and aquatic plant.

Mahabharata also noted that how Bhim brother teased him for kheer. In vedic period food was not only a rich source to meet one’s hunger but also for cosmology purposes. Aryans knew about beverage, oil, milk, milk product. Hinduism always allowed people to choose what they wish to eat. India was primarily an agrarian society in the beginning. Domestication of animals was the key to their life philosophy. Idol of Pasupati is evidence of that.

Since 8000 to 500 B.C agriculture continued to remain primary source of livelihood. The earliest evidence of ancient India from Indus Valley excavation revealed many things of that time. People who lived in Gangetic plains were good farmers. Religious texts say many thing about their eating habit.

Rice As a Food in Vedic Period !

According to many mythologists rice didn’t have Indian origin. It might have come from china to India. In rig Veda, rice has no mention. But in Yajur Veda Rice is mentioned. We can assume that during Saraswati civilization the habit of rice eating got spread in India’s Gangatic plains. All people needed food for Annakosha. Upanishads give lots of importance to food. Atma and anna both are two side of the same coin. In spirituality, we talk about Atma but in rational way Anna is the main source of livelihood and life.

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