Twinkle Khanna, 43, a well-known actress-turned-columnist and wife of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, shared some simple yet valuable lifestyle tips to all moms and working women out there. Her tips have gone viral since she has a huge fan-following and especially women look closely towards her to gain some valuable insight on womanhood, feminism, and parenthood.

Twinkle Khanna, herself is a proud mother of two children now. She has recently attended an event for the launch of food products of Godrej Nature’s Basket a few hours back in Mumbai.

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When a media person asked her about a secret to her glowing beauty and some essential tips on parenthood, here is what she explained while highlighting the importance of keeping oneself healthy and emotionally fit 24×7 despite hectic life schedule.

  • You should maintain a perfect balance of what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Occasionally, you can take ice-creams and chocolates, but it shouldn’t be too frequent. To be physically fit we must keep a check on unnecessary calories invading our bodies via food. 
  • Daily practice of yoga and meditation is the simple way to keep your emotions under control. Nevertheless, yoga and meditation also make us more mentally strong and stable while keeping us hale and hearty too. 
  • If you can’t work out at gyms or find it extra cumbersome, then you can simply practice walking for a considerable time. Twinkle Khanna suggests that walking a lot can be a viable alternate to your workout and gym sessions – in case you find them difficult. 
  • Read a lot. Twinkle Khanna felt that learning books is the best way to broaden your mental horizon and to learn life lessons. Reading can be the best pastime for housewives as well who find it relatively difficult to spend time at home all alone – in the absence of their husbands and children. 
  • Finally, Twinkle Khanna also pointed out the importance of 8-hour of good sleep and waking up early in the morning. Since ancient time early to bed and early to rise is considered as a panacea of all unwanted health-related stress and issues. Twinkle Khanna opined that by maintaining a disciplined daily routine we can certainly improve our immune system and keep dreadful diseases at bay.
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Twinkle Khanna is also an interior designer by profession. She is a feminist who believes in universal gender parity.

No doubt, her health tips will largely help the young women, working moms and expecting mothers to keep themselves healthy, vigorous and in shape.

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