We generally see the Sanitary Napkin advertisements which girls use for the purpose of their period which showcased blue inks instead of blood.

The advertisement of the Sanitary Napkin also shows that the girls refraining from physical activities as well they avoid wearing white outfits.

Finally! Now A Sanitary Napkin Advertisement Will Be Features Real Blood Instead Of The Blue Ink

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But a new release commercial advertisement of the Sanitary Napkin by a company BodyForm will be blowing your mind this is fairly revolutionary too. This TV commercial also ditches the idea of using blue-colored water which is display as the blood.

The new commercial of the Sanitary Napkin instead demonstrates a ballet dancer’s bleeding feet, a female boxer’s bloodied nose, and a cyclist’s mangled thigh.

And the video concludes with a tagline, ‘No blood should hold us back’ (whoa!).

The campaign by Bodyform is set a goal to break the taboo over periods and it open with a vial of blood being poured into the sanitary towel to show its ‘ultra-absorbing core.’

Next, it also depicts visuals of blood streaming down a woman’s thighs as she takes a shower–something with which each and every woman can relate.

Wondering what bring this change? Here’s the answer:

Once upon a time, Chicago-based comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade had showcased a parody on the far-from-reality TV commercial of the Sanitary Napkins.

As outrageously side-splitting this was which was an inspiration behind the Bodyform’s move.

5 things girls should keep in mind for her menstrual hygiene

It is the turning points of the girls’ lives, right?

Ones that change come it is being observed on the silver screen. It turns out that for Bodyform, which is the turning point of the stereotype thinking for the women.

And the recent study discloses the five women believe their confidence which has been damaged actually as they find it awkward to discuss period openly.

And in out of 100 42% women believed that if this silence continued in the coming days too then the confidences level of the girls’ will go down.

That means the girls want to be in focus towards the concept period and they also want to discuss it openly as it is the natural body process and cycle indeed.

As per the video portal Mail Online, Traci Baxter, marketing manager at Bodyform, explained: “We know that the ‘period taboo’ is damaging. It means people are more likely to struggle with the effects of period poverty, whilst others struggle with their mental health and wellbeing.”

And hence, this first-of-a-kind, close-to-reality campaign!

Reality check: For any normal human beings, RED is the color of blood

We all know that the menstrual color is red so if in the new commercial of the sanitary-napkin advertisements it will be shows the color of blood is red there is nothing wrong with it.

This is a real fact like Sun rises in the east and set in West which the each being is aware of it.

Article Source: Odd Naari

And the video concludes with line ‘No blood should hold us back‘ (whoa!).

Here, take a look…

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