Factionism is the most favorite genre in the Indian film industry which is also regarded as the mass masala action movies and this topic is popular in the whole nation, especially in southern or Telugu films.

Some Southern stars which include, Jr NTR, Balakrishna, Ravi Teja gained stardom post they arrived and featured in the Factionist roles.

Top 9 Factionism Movies In Tollywood

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Here we present you a list of the Tollywood Best top 10 Factionism Movies Ever Made.

1). Samarasimha Reddy

Samarasimha Reddy is an action-oriented film which featured Balaiya in the lead role and I must say Nandamuri Balakrishna in this Factionism movie.

Top 9 Factionism Movies In Tollywood

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2). Antahpuram

Anthapuram is action drama and a women-centric Factionism film deal with the human relations in the backdrop of terror – caused by the factionism.

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3). Narasimha Naidu

Narasimha Naidu is action based movie features Nandamuri Balakrishna in the lead role and it is an out an out action drama which was also well received by the audiences.

Top 9 Factionism Movies In Tollywood

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4). Aadi

Aadi is an action based movie and the story set in the backdrop of Rayalaseema. Jr. NTR essayed lead role in the movie and the film turns to be a popular one.

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5). Samba

Samba is a perfect Factionism features Tarak in the lead role and the film is also known for holding a strong message anyway.

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6). Indra

Indra is an action based movie in which was based on the life of a good-hearted person Shankar Narayan (Chiranjeevi) who can do anything for justice and he can’t bear injustice anyway.

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7). Jayam Manade Raa

Jayam Manade Raa is the action based movie in which, Abhiram (Venky) is a fun loving guy can do anything for his family. It is a typical masala movie features the late actress Saundarya with Venky and the film was also massive success anyway.

Top 9 Factionism Movies In Tollywood

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8). Vikramarkudu

Vikramarkudu is regarded as an ultimate Factionism or masala film and in this blockbuster movie, the role of Vikram was immortalized by the Tollywood superstar Ravi Teja.

Top 9 Factionism Movies In Tollywood

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9). Okkadu

Okkadu is an Action based film which is a masala movie but there are also beautiful love stories which get connected with the viewers.

Top 9 Factionism Movies In Tollywood

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