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An Exclusive Interview with Motivational Author Saranya Umakanthan

Who is a failure? We might think anybody who scores less at academic exams, fails to perform at job, and maybe, one, who has lost all faith in himself or herself. I asked the same question to emerging motivational author Saranya Umakanthan, and her answer astounded me fully.

She feels anyone who starts believing in success and in her abilities, then success is just an inch away from them. But for non-believers and self-doubters, success is miles away, and they are the real failures in life. In a couple of lines, Sharanya delves so deep into the real meaning of success and failures, that it literally takes readers to a new world altogether.

She feels it’s the right time to infuse a sense of inspiration and motivation inside the millennial. With a rise in competition and fiery hard-paced lifestyle, we hardly get time to think beyond the obvious. But, what helps us become successful and failures, is how we view the world, and of course, our perceptions on various small and small things.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start this exclusive interview with Sharanya Umakanthan, and read her inspirational thoughts and motivational thinking.

Here are the excerpts

#1) What is your take on the idiom failures are pillars of success?

Easier to say but hard to believe, even if we have ample examples proving the statement hundred percent… be it J.K.Rowling or Colonel Sanders. But once we start believing it, success is not far away.

#2) How do you convince those who have recently faced some sort of failures in their lives? For example; A candidate who has failed to clear a competitive exam for higher education or a job.

I truly believe that God has always something better in store for us than whatever we lost. One has to realize that the journey is more interesting than the destination. True… there might be ups and downs but at the end we have to believe that we are destined for better things.

When Goddess Shakti lost her son ‘Andhak’, she fought with Lord Shiv. But everything happens for a reason and that was not the end. She got her beloved Vinayak later and she understood that. We have to do the same. Believe that something bigger, better and brighter is waiting for us.

Saranya Umakanthan interview

#3) How can one take a U-turn in life after repeated failures?

Thoughts. If we believe we can then we can. We dream the incidents into life. If good things can happen to someone else, why not us? And, we have to pick up the positive vibes around us. Look around… the world is full of successful men and women.

I do the same. At my office, I see a strong young woman, Roopa, the head of the entire setup. How does she manage to pull off success so easily? Her thumb rule is  “Never give up even if life throws lemons at you”.

And, I am really happy that I gave the first copy of my book to a deserving woman. I pick the power of positivity from people like them.

#4) What inspired you to turn a writer of inspirational or self-help books?

This is not exactly a self-help book. It combines both the genres – romance & inspiration…  I have glued them together in this novel.

A book of mere motivation might make one feel bored but when it is conveyed along with a heart-touching love story, readers will end up feeling good as well as inspired.

And, that is what exactly I have done. Inspiration and Romance all bundled in one package.

#5) Can you enlighten us a little about your book We Can, We Will, We Must?

“I can, I will, I must” is a common saying. “We can,We will, We must” portrays the togetherness. Together, Samaira & Vivian are determined to  climb to the top.

It talks about the realistic aspects of love. Love is not just about gifting teddies or roses. It is about tackling the difficulties of life and climbing the ladder of success together.

Sometimes, we look into the mirror and say “Oh… I miss my old ‘me’”. Somewhere we would have lost ourselves amidst the harsh realities of life.

This is a story about one such girl – Samaira and how she gets back her old self and life back with love assisting her all the way. Vivian & Samaira, reveal to the readers in the end, what true love is.

#6) What is your next writing project? What would be the theme of your next book?

Probably another romantic inspirational fiction. The readers have connected well with me with this genre and affectionately write to me as “the writer from the south”.

We have sold thousands of copies within a few days of launch and it has hit the Amazon best seller list as well. And as a writer, I want to meet their expectations.

I keep getting multiple mails or messages that they loved the book and they cried or laughed along with Vivian and Samaira. I feel elated and completely satisfied with their response as an authoress. 

#7) You love star-gazing. How do you think the nature under the canopy of night’s sky inspire people to face life bravely and be a victor?

Sit calmly underneath the dark velvety sky with the stars scattered around. A sense of tranquility will engulf you. Your mind will clear off.

Your fear will drain away. The obstacles that were hiding your vicinity earlier will be thrown out. Your heart will find its way. The mesmerizing sight will enchant you and that is the power of the night sky. 

#8) Which author or poet inspires you the most?

“Rhonda Byrne”. I love her ideology – what you think is what you make, and we should not stop at our first success.

I thought I had reached the top when I received two gold medals from the Honorable Governor of Tamilnadu.

But now life has taught me that it was just the first step. The beginning to a new me…I have miles to go before I reach my destination. Life is all about the climb. And, I am determined to make my climb meaningful doing something which I love.

#9) How do you view human life?

A gifted life to be cherished…not everyone is lucky to get this life. So, let us give our best to it and make our moms proud and happy.

Thanks a lot for this enlightening interview. Hope our readers have found answers to some of their unanswered questions here, and it will surely release a lot of new positive energy and motivation in them.