For the last few centuries together, images of Indian women have always been represented in a piece of ethnic wardrobe with matching jewelleries. Our queens and princess have demonstrated their royal beauty in traditional attire, and stunning jewelleries. The same story still continues.

Celebrating Diwali In a Cohesive and Peaceful Way

Even after so many years, India has continued to be the hub of ethnic garments inspiring the world over for depicting feminine beauty in its most astonishing and pristine style.

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Thanks to our fashion designers and jewellery makers who never fail to amaze the world while demonstrating India’s rich heritage in their works – art and crafts and of course, those precision works with the designing.

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The Bond of India’s Royal Heritage and Timeless Glory 

Most girls would agree that charisma of ethnic clothes remains incomplete without adorning a piece of authentic Indian jewellery. It is definitely not a big deal to identify the right and genuine jewellery, but we should always avoid buying the fake ones:

This Diwali, multiply your joy manifold, and follow these simple beauty hacks to stun the world by your glorious beauty in traditional Indian attire.

1) Avoid Imitation Jewelleries: Always pick the original gems and jewelleries. The gleam of the plastic imitation jewellery goes away in soon. Imitation jewelleries are cheap but non-reliable, and could be harsh on your soft skin. Always go for the authentic and pure silver or jewelleries instead.

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2) Don’t Buy Jewelleries that Hurt Skin: There are several jewelleries made up of copper and cheap materials that create stains on your skin causing irritations and infections. Stay away from all such ornaments like ring, lockets, necklace and bangles.

3) Be Selective: Women love all kind of jewelleries, but prudence and knowledge could be immensely helpful in this regard. Ball ear rings for women with long faces, and round hanging ear rings for women with round faces are apt to rejoice the festivity around the corner.

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4) Do remember to pick accessories and outfits that suit the attire as a whole. For example; a nose ring doesn’t look good with a top and jeans pant.

Few Sparkling Jewelleries and Wardrobe Combo for Royal Look

#1) Waist Band (Kamarband) and Saree: Sari is obviously the most gorgeous dress for women worldwide. Girls have always rocked in Sari for the last few centuries together. Kamarband is traditional silver or golden accessory that women love to put around their waist. It not only enhances the fashion statement of a woman but also make them look more beautiful too.

#2) Maangtikka and Lehenga Chunni: It is the staple wedding outfit for women in India. From north to south Lehenga Choli is hugely admired for its traditional outlook. Coupling the Lehenga with a styling chunni and maangtikka add more glimmer to the outfit. A Maangtikka in silver or gold is usually worn near the forehead with its one end touching the back of hair.

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#3) Necklace and Salwar Kurti: The wedding Salwar Kameez and Anarkali suits are the most popular women’s ethnic outfit in India. The traditional salwar suit is perfect to rejoice the occasion of Diwali in its full flavour. It is often said that necklace and Salwar suit complements each other to the fullest. Just revamp the glam doll inside you in a traditional avatar while lighting those “diyas” or “lightening firecrackers”. A designer necklace can fully justify your fashion statement in toto.

Ethnic Wardrobe and Indian Women: Bond of Timeless Glory

Considering the occasion such as Diwali, my pick is a piece of a majestic, magnificent and fantastic Anarkali Salwar Suit. No other outfit or attire can match with its beauty and charms.

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Don’t forget to wear this beautiful attire without sparkling bangles and earrings. Nonetheless, these two accessories add a lot of sheen and elegance to your overall attire and style. Pick a dark-colored such as maroon, green or blue Anarkali suit to exhibit your beauty more this Diwali.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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