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Engineers Day – 2020 | Wishes, Greetings, Quotes And Images

Can you imagine your life without engineers? Emphatically, no! Without the presence of engineers in our lives, we can only imagine our lives limited to the deep interiors of the forests or into the caves of dark ages.

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Well, if the first few lines of this article intrigued you, then you are at the right place. These days, or even a few decades back, whatever changes or transformation came to our lives – all thanks to Engineers. Starting from Electricity to Information Technology, we are alive or even enjoying the modern-day benefits only because of the engineers around us.

Top 6 Engineers Day Quotes 2019

  • Gods can’t be everywhere that’s why we have engineers around us!
  • Engineers are the scientists in disguise who dare to try!
  • Scientists have plenty of awards to won, for engineers – people’s happiness is all that matters!
  • Scientists are born once in a lifetime; they get fame and honors but engineers are unsung heroes!
  • Scientists have the liberty to experiment for a lifetime until they discover what they want to. An engineer has to invent technological marvels at a short span of time whenever the time demands so.
  • People idolize scientists but nobody cares about the unnamed engineers without whose painstaking efforts we might have remained completely clueless about science and scientific instrument.

Engineers in Our Daily Lives

Well, I am not here reveal the exact nature of engineering and its types, but in layman’s language, I am only trying to mention here some key areas that have become part of our lives – all thanks to engineers!

4) Mobile Technology: We started off with a simple 2G mobile in a button handset but now we are standing just a few days away from modern 5G technology in Tablets and smartphones; All thanks to telecommunication engineers!

3) Railways: In a short span of time, railways now fully runs on electricity. Once there was a time, it was run on coals and steam! Who did the wonder? Of course, engineers. And, mind you; now we have bullet trains and metro, too! It can’t be imagined without the engineering marvels of the contemporary days and people involved in the same – working day and night.

2) Electric Home Appliances: Have you ever imagined who give a free flight to your desires? From owning a freeze to AC to the blower to washing machine; these home appliances could have remained our distant dreams only if those ‘unknown’ engineers wouldn’t have worked 24-hours a day – just to make our lives more comfortable and luxurious!

1) Transportation: Be it bikes or cars, without automobile engineers, our lives could have stuck in the 50s era forever! It’s only because of massive innovation and technical know-how in the automobile engineering that we could now talk about mileage and speed!


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Finally, on the occasion of the engineer’s day, I am wishing all the engineers a very happy engineer’s day. In our eyes, you are the real gods. We are indebted to you all for bringing in so many transformations and uplifting our living standards. We will forever remain indebted to you for your painstaking efforts that always go unnoticed!

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