The TV reality TV show Enge Veetu Mapillai on the Colors Tamil featured actor Arya who is looking for his bride via this wedding based TV reality show At Enge Veetu Mapillai.

The TV reality shows Enge Veetu Mapillai has also introduced a fresh and a new concept by which the actor Arya was all set to choose his wife and for that, the Size Zero actor also picked 16 women were selected and they all took part in the TV reality show Enge Veetu Mapillai.

Enge Veetu Mapillai: Grand Finale, Arya says he wants time but seems like Twitter doesn’t liked this

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On the last Tuesday, Arya’s show Enge Veetu Mapillai met with it’s the end, only the actor did not choose his bride from the three finalists — Susana, Agatha, and Seetha — but instead left the audience shocked by saying he needed to spend more time and in withing these time he will be going to select his wife.

Arya said, “I am not ready to hurt any of the other two contestants by choosing one girl and leaving out the other two girls. More than a day to rejoice for the life partner whom I may select, it might become a day of a huge shock for the other two girls. I am not ready to take such a painful decision on a stage like this. If I take the final call today, it might be a very frustrating day for the parents also and the families of the other two girls, whom I may have to leave out.”

He added further, “I shortlisted Susana, Agatha, and Seetha and visited their homes to interact with their parents and family members. But, I still feel that I should spend more time with these three girls on a personal level before making the final decision. Because, this is not just about my life alone, it also involves considerations of parents and family members from both the sides. After further considerations, I would reveal the name of my soulmate name very soon.”

While the 3 participants accepted his decision graciously, at the TV reality show Enge Veetu Mapillai but seem like the audience were in no mood to accept Arya’s decision.

Thus, several trolls pointed out that this was not a reality show, but this was a kind of wedding TV show where the main character treats women like a toy. Lyricist Vivek lashed out against the actor and the channel for this show and he penned in the Twitter, “Enga Veetu Maapillai. Seriously? At times when women (even an 8yr old) r taken 4 granted, showing der attitude in such poor light s atrocious. They r shown as if marrying Mr.Arya is y dey were born for. I m sure our Tamil girls have more dignity than that. Stop Exploitation 4 Gods sake.”

Some on even Twitter even held placards that read “Girls are not Toy.”

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Enge Veetu Mapillai started on the 16th February where 16 girls participating in a show to win Arya’s heart and to be his wife.

The show Enge Veetu Mapillai format is adapted from the Hindi show, ‘Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar’.



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