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Electricity: We need to save it

Electricity is very important stuff of human life.Light is boon for us and we get it through electricity. We cant imagine our life without fan or light. Without air cooler or blower or without air conditioner.

We get luxury to use these all items with the help of the electricity. We all know that. Despite some people dont understand the importance of the electricity.
People specially youths are wasting electricity like the way they waste money and times.

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They waste time by watching useless things on television, by gossiping, they waste money by consuming intoxicating stuffs.

Electricity: We need to save it

Same way they waste the electricity, By switching on the electrical items in the room where there is no body. They are wasting electricity without knowing the fact that they will not get the waste electricity back.

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Social organizations wants to make people aware of the importance of electricity by organizing ‘Earth Hour’, ‘Earth Hour’ is a special day take place in the month of September or October and its major objective is to save the electricity.
On the day of Earth Hour every house need to switch of the every electrical things of their house for an hour.

If every body will switch of the light of their home a huge amount of electricity will be saved. So every body need to save the electricity.
Hence, apart from celebrating Earth Hour we need to save electricity because it is blessings for us.We need to understand the importance of the electricity.

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