Egg Scotch


1). Bread Crum

2). Egg 6

3). Corn flour

4). Chicken minced (Keema)

5). Green Chillies fine chopped 4 or five

6). Chopped Onion 2 pieces

7). Garlic paste

Egg Scotch: A Special Cuisine

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8). Ginger paste

9). Coriander paste

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10). Turmeric powder

11). Red Chillies’ powder

12). Salt as per source

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13). Black paper powder

14). Coriander leaves

15). Garam Masala

16). Olive oil

17). Hot and sweet tomato sauce

Method to Egg Squash:

Firstly boil the 4 eggs. Now take bread Crum on one plate and on the other plate take the corn flour. In other bowl mixes 2 eggs together with some salt.

Egg Scotch: A Special Cuisine

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Now take the chicken minced in a bowl. Now put onion chopped there, with some ginger and garlic paste also needs to put there.

Now add the above ingredients, like, red chilies’ powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, as per taste salt. Now mixed the chicken minced with all the masalas together.

Now pill of the cover from the boil eggs and now apply the mixed chicken minced over the full eggs properly. And always remember to cover the eggs properly with the chicken minced.

Now you need to take the eggs which are already cover with the chicken minced and now you need to rub the corn flour over the eggs. Mixed and apply the corn flour over the eggs properly.

Egg Scotch: A Special Cuisine

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Now you need to fry the eggs in hot oil properly but before frying, you need to deep the eggs properly in the raw eggs which you kept after mixing properly.

Just remember to fry the eggs now properly till it will be golden fry and now you can take the same to keep in the bowl after it will be fried properly. Now the Egg Squash preparation and fry is done.

For arrangements and serving the Egg Scotch, you need to apply the green salad with it.

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Green salad preparations:

Indregreints: Cucumber round cut, lettuce, French beans, olive, cherry tomato, lemon juice, little bit olive oil and salt.

For garnishing the Egg Squash, take the Egg Squash and garnishing it with the green salad which is above mention and with hot and sweet tomato sauce. Now the Egg Squash cuisine is ready to serves and applies the sauce over the Egg Squash fried.

By Snigdha Home Chowdhury

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