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Bread – 1 Packet

Egg -4

Onion -2 big full size

Coriander leaves – 2 tablespoonfuls

Green Chill – Chopped 1 teaspoonful

Plain Cheese


Black Paper



130 euro sotto col trading come fare Method to prepare Egg Sandwich:

First, take a bowl and break 4 eggs on the same and mixes it well with some salt.

While, mixing the egg add some black paper, coriander leaves, green chili, and lemon juice alongside salt as per your taste.

Now switch on the gas and put a cooking pan on the same. When cooking pan will turn hot pour some butter on the same.

Egg Sandwich: Simple & Delicious Dish

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Now pour egg mixes on the butter and smash it properly in which egg turn to be smashed. Afterward, the egg smash will be done switch off the gas.

Now take bread now keep a plain cheese over the bread and now keep the egg smash over the cheese.

Now keep another cheese on the same and then keep bread over the cheese too close it.

Egg Scotch: A Special Cuisine

Now fry it slowly on butter in soft flame.

Now Egg Sandwich is done but you have to serve it with sauce.

Now note down ingredients which are require preparing sauce, this special sauce:

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Fresh cream

Cheese crushes it properly

Salt and black paper

Chopped garlic

Corn Flour 2 tablespoonful

Chopped green chili

Egg Sandwich: Simple & Delicious Dish

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Now switch on the gas and keep a cooking pan on the same.

When the cooking pan will turn hot pour butter on the same and when butter will be melt put chopped garlic on it.

When garlic will light fry then apply a fresh cream on the same. Then pour cheese on the same and mix it properly with black paper and salt. When everything will be mixed properly your sauce will be done. Now pour corn flour mixes on it which will be done with water and salt.

Now switch off the gas and bring out the sauce in a bowl. So your, Egg Sandwich and sauce is ready now, serves it for breakfast to make your mooring special. Garnish the sauce with chopped green chilies.

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