As per reports, 2 big names from the Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise are all set to teaming up for their next movie. The box office used to be run by movie stars and it is no doubt Dwayne Johnson is turning to be one of the most popular actors of the Hollywood with the pretty good fan base he is blessed with.

As of now, the contemporary scenario of the Hollywood is quite interesting in which big names of the silver screen are worth to collect good cash at the Box office.

For the instant, the actor Tom Cruise actually remains a box office draw. His movie The Mummy that received bad reviews but still actually performed well overseas and all credit goes to the Cruise’s box office thump.

New Franchisee of the Historical Film ‘Mission: Impossible”, Mission: Impossible Fallout Released Its Theatrical Trailer

Another actor who follow the same trend and fashion in the Hollywood with such a meaty loyal fan base, he is having, is no one else Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Most of the movies feature, “Rock” in the lead role is turn to be massive hits at the box office, Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson

And it is when Dwayne Johnson is get associated or attached with the popular franchise name of the Hollywood, the box office receipts go further, in fact, more than the roof, the film collects cash – like with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Though, somehow, the two men haven’t shared the screen – space till now.

Dwayne Johnson & Tom Cruise To Shares Screen Space In An Action Movie?

The leading media house, ET Canada was asked to the actor Tom Cruise, regarding, this potential and impending team-up with The Rock on the silver screen.

He says he’d be interested in the idea and he also said that he will be having lots of fun and enjoyment to work with his fellow actor Dwayne Johnson. Johnson then chimed in on Twitter, and shared his desire to make it happen, while promising the only people who would have more fun then the actor duo is their fans and the audiences.

One of the keys to Cruise’s continued success is his daredevil style and attitude in which he performed the entire perilous stunt by himself.

No wonder, why the Mission: Impossible franchise turns out to be something special in recent entries, and the reactions to Mission: Impossible – Fallout is just awesome and amazing from the fans.

In spite, of that the actor has been suffered from some injuries, still he shows no signs of wanting to slow down.

If Johnson and Cruise will be team-up on their next projects it would be awesome for their fans.

The makers are though, reportedly looking for another male lead in Johnson’s Red Notice, where Cruise could also team up with Gal Gadot, as in this untitled flick, perhaps, makers can have 3 most famous and popular names of the Hollywood.

A Johnson/Cruise movie is touted as one of the biggest movies of the Hollywood, which is now in its development stage, but it is yet to see how badly both actors are keen for the movie to complete it ASAP.

But both of the megastars are heavily involved in the developmental process for their next films. AS of now, the duo Dwayne Johnson & Tom Cruise are busy with the production of their respective movies, and also they are different from being just a typical movie star.

At the end of the day, as long as both actors, Dwayne Johnson & Tom Cruise, remain in high demand, there will be the massive expectation from this upcoming movie.

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