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Durga Puja / Navaratri: SMS WhatsApp Quotes MSGs Images Pics To Share On This #Navaratri

Navaratri, is amongst the most popular and prominent Indian and Hindu festival, which is sometimes in the Eastern India also known as Durga Puja, but mostly in North India the festival is called #Navaratri.

The term, #Navaratri, is a Sankrtit word, which exactly meaning is “Nine Nights”, that’s why; in India we celebrate Navaratri for the nine nights. Ideally, in #Navaratri, all Hindu men and women perform, Durga Puja in the morning, after taking up shower in empty stomach.

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Sometimes, some people also observe fast on the Navaratri, and then perform Aarti of the Maa Durga, and offer Bhog, Prasad, Deep, Dhoop and devotion to the god.
In this occasion people also wear new dress and visit the Puja pandal. You can also make your #Navaratri or the Durga Puja special by sending some warm and beautiful #Navaratri quotes to your friends and family.

In this festival #Navaratri or Durga Puja which is the most popular and predominately consume by all Indian citizen is the sweets, laddu, desert, kheer which is I think also increase the zeal of the festival #Navaratri or the Durga Puja.

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So I must say, in this festival, #Navaratri, be alert and careful while consuming sweets food, especially if you are diabetes patient. For kids #Navaratri is very special festival because they received meaty holiday from school and elder people also love this festival anyway

Durga Puja / Navaratri: SMS WhatsApp Quotes MSGs Images Pics To Share On This #Navaratri

• #Navaratri Aayii Khushiyaan Laayii
• I convey and Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Durga Puja
• #Navaratri is always my fav festival
• I love #Navaratri
• #Navaratri is we celebrate hugely with my family
• Let celebrate Navaratri with massive and an immense glory and enthusiasm.
• #Navaratri means Ghumnaa and Khushiyaan Manana and I just love this festival.
• May goddess Durga bless each, mankind on this earth in this Navaratri. Happy Durga Puja India.
• May this #Navaratri each being all dream will be come true with the blessings of Maa Sherawaali.

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