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Don’t Ask Me Why… Again!

Don’t ask me why does the sun shine?

Don’t ask me why do stars twinkle?

Don’t ask me why do I want you to be mine?

That’s the reason why I am happily single.


Don’t ask me why are leaves green?

Don’t ask me why is the feeling of love always unseen?

Don’t ask me what’s the color of dew?

And, nothing in this world, is as sweet as you.

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Don’t ask me why does the moon shine so bright?

And, only I know, how badly,

I miss you every day and night.

Don’t ask me what does my heart want to speak?

When my love for you is at its peak!

Don’t ask me what am I feeling right now?

Even I don’t know, why I fell in love with you and how?

Don’t ask me why is the sky blue?

And, I really can’t imagine my life, without you.

You are my oxygen,

You are my rain,

You are my world,

And, you are my heaven.

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