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Diwali Special: Celebration Tips and Unique Ideas Without Firecrackers

Diwali Special: Celebration Tips and Unique Ideas Without Firecrackers

Within a few hours, the entire landscape of India will bathe in the hues of glittering lights. As these lights scatter their magical illumination and luminescence across the streets, the tricolour nation will immerse itself in the festive spirit starting from Jammu and Kashmir to Rameshwaram in the South. 

Apart from its religious significance, Diwali is a memorable day for each of us. This day marks the New Year for many traders and businessmen alike. So, everyone wishes to have a memorable and spectacular Diwali every year.

Instead of Firecrackers, Let’s Lighten Up Lives

Let’s make this Diwali special and unique. Rather than investing such a huge chunk of money in firecrackers, we should pledge to make at least a poor child’s life better.

Enrol poor kids in your vicinity to a school or give them books to read. If he or she is already in school, and also has books, then at least teach them for a few hours in your spare time.

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If their parents feel that education is unnecessary, then show them the right path. Every kid deserves school in their first 14 years of life.

Let’s pledge that they must be going to schools instead of working at hazardous factories where firecrackers are manufactured.

If they need money, then we the citizens of India should come forward and contribute to them as per our capacity.

Did You Know It?

More and more firecrackers you buy, it gives more and more impetus to the little children to work at hazardous factories – the very place from where you get all those ‘charkhis’ and Fuljharis (Firecrackers).

Stop It Here !

Say no to Firecrackers this Diwali from your end. I am sure that if all good citizens come forward then it will be indeed a big win for humanity.

Just ensure that you should donate whatever you wish to poor kids around you or to their parents with a promise that these kids should get back to school, and shun all the ill-manners or any negative habits, if they already have.

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What to Do on Diwali: Unique Celebration and Festive Ideas

If you are running short of ideas that you can make your Diwali a memorable one, then read below:

#4) Pledge to make other’s life happy, and you must work on that ‘how’ factor.

#3) Invite guests to your house on Diwali and make it a happy get-together.

#2) Always keep a smile on your face. Remember, no one is happy in this world. So, it feels better if you dare to keep that smile on your face 24×7. Unless, you smile more, you won’t realise its importance for others-including those hapless poor kids. 

#1) As far as possible, use only as much light as necessary. Even if you have a lot of money, electricity is a non-renewable resource and should be used judiciously.

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In a nutshell, Diwali should be eco-friendly and happiness multiplier. It is an occasion to get together, conceive, initiate and try to do something that is more constructive and humane to planet earth and its citizens.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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