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Diwali: Chotthi Diwali & Bari Diwali – Festival, Puja, Celebration, Ritual, How To Celebrate Diwali, Sacred Carnival


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One of the most fav festivals, Diwali, is all set to knock our doors, and it is the day when all Indians in all over the world celebrate the day and the festival, Diwali, with huge zeal and enthusiasm.

This year on the 2008, we will celebrate the light of festival, Diwali, on the 7th November, 2018. Alongside, the Diwali celebration, on that particular day, the Laxmi Puja is also take place, so, in the whole nation, especially, in the North India, we also observe and rejoice the Laxmi Puja also with massive glory.

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Much before the huge celebration of Diwali, also widely known as Deepvali, we observe and rejoice Dhanteras which we celebrate 2 days before the Choththi Diwali and Badi Diwali.

Diwali: Chotthi Diwali & Bari Diwali – Festival, Puja, Celebration, Ritual, How To Celebrate Diwali, Sacred Carnival

This year we will be celebrate the Dhanteras on the 5th November and on 6th November, this will be the Choti Diwali and on the 7th November on the 8th November.

On the day of Diwali, all Indians, especially, all Hindu people where new dress and new clothes, alongside some jewelries’, and perform Laxmi Puuja on their own home which is take place on the day of final and the Bari Diwali.

After doing Laxmi Puja, everybody distributes sweets among the friends and family on the day of both Chotthi Diwali and Bari Diwali and they wish each of them Happy Diwali which is likewise takes place in an incredible anyway.

Apart from India, the Diwali or Deepawali is also observe and celebrate by the all Indians and Hindu population in the Canada, Mauritius, America, England, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore in pretty simple way where Indian population are resides.

Deepavali is also touted as one of the most fav festival of the youth as on this day they play with crackers in the late evening and night and have fun with each other.

On the day of Diwali also we all light diyas and candles in the night which is touted as very sacred ceremony for all of us Hindus.

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