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Top 5 Diseases That Are Worse Than Cancer !

For decades together people have been considering Cancer as THE END of a life. There are some more lethal diseases in human life where the survival rate is extremely dim. Cancer might be a deadly disease but at least it gives a chance to survive for a few months if not years. Doctors and oncologists feel that if Cancer is detected early then a person can fully eliminate it and lead a normal life.

Does A Handwash Keep us Fit and disease-free?

But these diseases are seriously lethal. Even if a person survives the ordeal – there is still a big question mark on whether they can really lead a normal life that cancer survivors can do and often inspire people to follow?

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#5) Heart Attack /Failure: There is no remedy of it. Unfortunately, it happens almost suddenly without any trace. Even if a person leads a happy and healthy life with no heart problems, still there is no certainty that he won’t face this deadly thing in future. Through advanced medical research and timely care many patients survive after a heart attack, but in several other cases people die in an unexpected manner too soon.

#4) Brain Hemorrhage: It is one of the most complicated diseases. During brain hemorrhage, arteries of the brain rupture and lead to oozing of blood internally. People may feel numbness, heaviness, seizures and headaches followed by sudden death. It is a medical emergency and should be dealt immediately at an Emergency Room. Even after so many years medical science has not found an effective medicine to cure it. In severe cases, patients don’t even get chance to wait for 2-3 months for medical checkup that cancer patients get before opting for chemotherapy or surgery.

#3) Tetanus: A cut from iron, knife, rusty metal, minor burns and animal scratch or bite should never be overlooked. A tetanus germs once go inside can virtually make your life a hell. A proper dosage of tetanus vaccine is necessary for every child. Tetanus vaccine (booster) should also be given to adults after every ten years. In case, you don’t maintain your vaccine schedule then you should take a tetanus shot immediately after any injury with an infectious thing. Prevention is better than cure. Curing of tetanus is far more difficult than cancer. Also, a tetanus survivor will not be able to enjoy the life as before – some sort of mental or/ and physical imbalance might affect his life thereafter in some form or other.

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#2) Poverty & Illiteracy: Poverty and illiteracy also fall in the category of a disease. It is one of such diseases that needs to be alleviated from the society at the earliest. Also, when Poverty attacks it cripples many lives almost in a single strike. So it is more difficult to cure and remove than the medial diseases. When a person falls into the deep trap of vicious cycles of poverty and illiteracy – certain things can make his life even worse than a cancer patient;

Top 5 Diseases that are Worse than Cancer !

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How Can Illiteracy & Poverty Ruin Lives Together


Frequent bouts of serious and contagious infectious diseases due to lack of medical awareness and money for treatment.

They Could Indulging in Crime and unlawful activity.

Craving for more babies with high IMR

Female infanticide

Illegal trafficking and child abuse.

Child Labour and Child Abuse

Unemployment and Social Problems

No Remedy For Diseases Like Accidents?

#1) Street Accidents: What kills people every day at some place and some time are the rampant road accidents. These are so much brutal and horrific that many people die on the spot. Though, technically it is not a disease, but whoever avoids road safety on roads is retarded and rogue person. They should be dealt severely in the hands of law. For how long people will keep dying because of the mistake of others who jeopardize the lives of themselves too?

Certainly, an accidental death is far more painful and shocking than Cancer. A serious road accident is more difficult to fight back than a fatal disease like Cancer. Road accidents kill around thousands of people every day across the globe! It is indeed an epidemic in greater sense.

(BY: Atish Home Chowdhury)