Nasheeds are the religious songs the Muslims around the world love to listen to in their free time, everyday routine or on some special occasions. The debate about whether listening to nasheeds are halal for Muslims or not is one of the never-ending debates of the world. However, the people who believe that listening to them is harmless keep on adding more nasheeds to their everyday playlist.


What are the Benefits of Listening to Nasheeds?

Where a group of Muslims believes that listening to nasheedsongs brings the listener closer to hellfire and far away from God, the listeners of nasheeds believe that they are actually enjoying the benefits. According to them, the nasheeds are not forbidden by their religion and they actually are meant for the wellbeing of the humans. Here are some of the many benefits that a nasheed listener enjoys.

  1. They refresh the mind and soul of the listener after a long and hectic day.
  2. Listening to nasheeds provide some religious insights to the listener.
  3. They bring the listeners closer to the God and make him or her feel relaxed.
  4. They make the listener ponder about the things he or she never thought was important from religious and worldly point of view.
  5. Children nasheeds help kids to understand their religion better and in easy ways.
  6. They remind the listeners of the teachings of Islam he or she might have forgotten over time.

There are many other benefits the nasheed listeners enjoy. You can find the store shelves full of different nasheed albums produced by different nasheed singers. However, Ahmed Bukhatir MP3nasheedsare one of the most downloaded and listened to nasheeds. People from all over the world love to stay updated about the release of his new albums and like to get their hands on the first copies as well.

Nasheed Songs You Must Listen Today

While the stores are full of nasheed albums one can select from but the people like to only try the ones they are sure that they would like. Moreover, the majority of Muslims do not just look for fancy words or decent music in nasheeds but they also search for the hidden lesson in them. All these demands of the listeners make it difficult for the nasheed singers to make nasheeds that are up to the expectations of the listeners. However, to save you some time here is a list of some nasheeds sung by different nasheed singers that you must download and listen today to have a great day.

  • Give Thanks to Allah by Zain Bhikha
  • No God but Allah by Mishary Rashid Alafasy
  • Yateem by Ahmed Bukhatir
  • Zawjaty by Ahmed Bukhatir
  • Barakallah by Maher Zain
  • Mountains of Allah by Zain Bhikha
  • The Prophet by DawudWharnsby
  • Masha’Allah by Maher Zain
  • Allah Hu by Sami Yousuf
  • All I Ask of God by Outlandish

The nasheeds mentioned above are some of the best nasheeds of all time. You can even download the albums as well.

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