The guests now come for the goad Bharai celebrations of Teni. Mohini sees and feels happy that a lady appreciates and praised Bhanushali’s and also the surrogacy motherhood.

Mohini said something in the house that it is really strange to see that an outsider is taken care of better than the family member. She calls Teni a dancer but Indu supports Teni by saying that Teni is all set to tie the knot with Parth in the coming days and she is a member of the Bhanushali family so we have no complaint with her.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Written Episode Update - Who Will Marry Teni Now?

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Now both Teni and Parth together come down the hall from their room and Teni was almost slipped in the stairs but on the right time Parth just holds’ her and she had an eye lock with Parth in that period.

Parth and Teni now sit for the puja with their family and the goadh bharai puja and rituals started now and but suddenly Parth leaves for the hall.

Now Parth sees some minor clothes and thinks about Shorvari hand-knitting them. Parth now also remember how Shorvari was excited for the baby but now when the baby is all set to come she is no more. Parth got now teary eyes.

Parth thinks and said since Shorvari is no more; so now my total focus will be for my baby.

A Punjabi lady comes to Bhanushali house considering it Malhotra house? Mohini asks if she couldn’t read the nameplate of Bhanushali House and she said that she forgets her skeptical so unable to read the nameplate.

The lady is now tensed of hiring a taxi again; Dada ji said that our driver will be dropping her to the home. The lady takes a glass of juice and she sees the celebration also asked what kind of celebration is this?

Mohini said it is the Goad Bharai celebrations of Teni and the lady said can I meet with the Teni, the lady meet with TEni and asked her that she forgets to apply sindoor.

Mohini said she is not married yet that is why she did not apply sindoor and the lady turn shocked to ask that this girl is pregnant without getting married? And this is the goad bharai celebration of an unmarried girl?

Mohini said that Teni is a nice girl and she is pregnant with Shorvari and Parth’s baby and Parth and Shorvari were the childless couple so they take Teni’s womb in rent and Teni is the surrogate mother of Parth and Shorvari’s baby.

Teni is giving birth to the Parth and Shorvari’s baby but the lady asked that this is not good for this girl Teni who is literally an unmarried mother which is unacceptable by the society.

Mohini was about to say to the lady that Parth and Teni are all set to hitch post-Teni will be giving birth to the baby but in that time Parth come and Teni asked the lady that she wants to say something regarding this issue.

Teni said to the lady yes, I’m an unmarried surrogate mother and I give my womb in the rent but actually by doing so I get good friends and family in form of Pareth, Shorvari and the Bhanushali family.

Teni also said that Bhanushali is the family who is always there to support me and this family is like my own family so I’m here happy to be the surrogate mother of Parth and Shorvari’s baby. The lady turned stunned after hearing Teni’s speech.

Teni said in her final words that she is proud to be a surrogate mother for such a good family who always supports her and take care of her time when she was in search of a family.

Teni also said she will be always with the Bhanushali family and Parth and she will be always taking the side of them. Parth and the family feel proud of Teni.

PRECAP: The lady asked Parth who would now marry this girl and the lady also said now it is Parth duty to improve the life of this unmarried mother.

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