Teni: The last night episode of the TV series Dil Se Dil Tak begins with Janvi introduces the family to Sparsh as her friend’s son. Sparsh was a sensible boy and he recognized each member of the family and he also goes to wash his hands before taking Jayu in his arms.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Written Episode Update – Teni To Find Proofs Of Shorvari’s Illness

The TV serial Dil Se Dil Tak further displays that Bharath and Ramnik were happy as Jayu get the company of Sparsh. Sparsh then comes and meet with Teni but she doesn’t recognize as he was speaking in English.

Jahnvi introduced the kid to her and the kid promised to her that he will be teaching her English. When Janvi has left, Teni felt pain in her stomach. She was upset about being in pain and Parth is really don’t care for her.

A girl Maria comes there, Indu introduces her as a maid Parth appointed for her. Teni was impressed, and she started troubling the maid and the maid also proved this to Teni that she is patient and she said to Parth that she is really impressed with him.

Dil Se Dil Tak - Written Episode Update: Parth Appoints A Maid For Teni

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Teni’s mood tantrums and she asked the amid to bring water for her twice as well Teni also asked the maid to massage her and also asked to prepare spicy food for her.

She and Indu laugh determined to make her tired of work. After Maria was done, Teni asks if she will be able to do such work daily. Maria assures she won’t leave the work, as Parth already warned her against this still Maria wishes to do the work.

As they arrive home, Janvi tells Spursh that he is very good. Bharat asks if only good. Spursh says its good, but he likes Bhanushali he likes the Bhanushali house as he spent his entire childhood there.

Janvi assures to Spursh that tomorrow we will be also going to the Bhanushali house where you can play with her.

In the room, Mohini insists on her not to make such maid leave so easily and when Baa comes there Teni speaks about the maid.

Mohini was impressed by Parth for finding such maid for Teni. Baa asks Teni what you will do if the maid will be leaving the job as she is here only for you to take care of you?

She says Parth would come into the house a father’s responsibility can’t be replaced by Maria. Baa was also with her. The ladies join hand to make Maria leave her job.

On the table, she asks the ladies to support her as Maria must be bringing her breakfast. Mohini was happy to see Maria drag the trolley. Maria greets everyone by name. Mohini asks how she comes to know who is who?

Maria says she never goes to any house without a preparation. She says it’s time for her breakfast as she is pregnent and Maria serves her Upma according to list but she said to Maria that on Tuesday they eat Idli.

Now Maria brings a bowl of Idli, as she prepared Idli also but Mohini still scolded Maria but she is actually impressed with Maria.

But she said neither she will eat upma nor idli, rather she will eat dhokla and she also said to Maria that she can complain to Parth that Maria kept her hungry but contradictory Maria serves her Dhokla with chutney as she prepares Dhokla too and she eats that.

But she is already determined Maria leave the job in a single day and right now she is on the mission to make Maria to leave the job right away.


Teni was upset for not being able to prove her innocence to Parth. Indu asks if Shorvari shared about her illness with anyone else. Teni was sure about the entry in hospital. She calls the hospital but the call was interrupted.

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