Dil Se Dil Tak last night episode begins with when Perth comes downstairs, Teni asks Perth to get her some food and Perth said Indu make the food for her. Teni says Indu didn’t cook any Roti, Perth became doubtful.

Teni tells him to check by himself and asks him to hurry up. Perth says he will order from outside. Teni wasn’t ready to feed on anything from outside. Perth agrees. Teni was ready to enjoy the sight.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Written Episode Update - Teni To Find Proofs Of Shorvari’s Illness

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Dada Ji tells Bharat Kumar that Jalpa is his daughter and they are family too, and family stands in times of trouble. Jalpa says they will think about something. Baa calms Jalpa down and agrees with her. Jalpa gets a phone call but ignores it.

Bharat speak with Ramnik and the phone rings thrice, Bharat asks Jalpa to take the call. Jalpa says it’s her friend; she will talk to her later. She then goes aside to receive the call.

Now Teni asked Perth to prepare Roti for her as she is too hungry and Teni also emotionally blackmail him by saying that her child is hungry who is in her womb so the baby wants to have Roti and Teni also denied to eat the food of the hotel.

Perth is too much in anger and he kept scolding and humiliating Teni but reluctantly prepares Roti for her second time when the first time he prepares burnt Roti and Teni denied to eats that!

Now Perth brings good Roti for her and also insulted Teni when she asked to him which Roti he prepares with love for the unborn child and which Roti he prepares with hatred for Teni.

Perth said after eating Roti which Roti will fill your stomach is made-up with hatred and which Roti is prepared with love will fill the unborn child’s stomach and Teni feels hurt with the same but she did not display this to Perth and eat the same.

On the other side, Jalpa went somewhere from the restaurant along, living the family alone. The family is shocked to see so and Jalpa also denied her husband to come with her.

When Baa and Bhabhi try to stop her, she said that her old friend is in trouble and she needs Jalpa’s help so she has to go now alone, as her friend will not comfortable to share her problems in front of anyone. So the family permits Jalpa to go and she leaves.

But actually Jalpa is with a hidden plan and she also went somewhere to meet with some mysterious person and this issue she wishes to hides with her family, so maybe she is with a hidden planning which is yet to clear in the coming days!

Now post Jalpa leaves the family also left for their home and Teni finishes her food and went to her room to sleep. Perth also went to his room and when Bhabhi come to meet with Teni, Teni said to Bhabi that why Perth hate her?

Bhabi motivates her by saying that very soon when the child will be born, Perth’s hatred will be changed into love for you and for the baby. Bhabhi also said to Teni that everything will be turning right.

But Teni said to Bhabhi that god knows when Perth will stop hating me as I can’t bear his hate now and take a sip of her milk which Bhabhi brought for her!

But now Indu tell-off Teni to be obstinate and stubborn, she records a video message for Perth for hating his child.

Teni raised this question for Perth that he should not run away from the responsibility of this baby and he needs to proved himself an ideal father.

PRECAP: Teni was upset. Indu asks her to think about any other proof, of a hospital slip or contact number where Shorvari was being treated. Teni calls the hospital.

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