The TV serial Dil Se Dil Tak is last night episode begins with Teni sat in the room upset about losing the only proof, but the video proves her innocence.

Dil Se Dil Tak further displays that Indu arrived there and advanced to Teni is to inquire something in the hospital or through the doctor.

Teni calls the hospital and inquires about Shorvari. The hospital authorities deny that Shorvari was registered there already. Teni speaks to Indu that Shorvari had forbidden everyone as well disclose her own identity.

The doctor treating her has also left abroad. Indu Teni, on the other hand, to stop thinking about Shorvari and Parth instead focus on Maria right now.

Maria was marking her checklist on the phone when Teni asked her to give her fresh juice to finish up. Maria says it’s time for her to take the juice. Teni says Maria is in place of Parth here, she always gave Parth juice in the same glass.

Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni Afraid Of Childbirth

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The ladies were sure she won’t drink, but Maria agrees. Teni became worried and thinks a way to drive out Maria from the Bhanushali house.

Teni decided to make Maria irritated so that she will be demand for the double salary and Parth will be kicked her out from the job.

Maria lay to sleep in the hall at night and she decided to spend the time there and also decided that she will not leave the job.

But Teni decided to kick her out of the job so the ladies decided to make Maria scared and the ladies come in the hall dressed in black with masks; Maria wakes up.

One of them comes to cross the hall in front of her. Maria attempts to switch the light on, but the ladies dance around her so she became scared.

As Maria runs out of the house the ladies laugh and enjoy that Maria finally left the job and the ladies of the house get to sleep.

Teni decides to walk across the hall for a while; she was relieved Maria has left and goes to lock the door. She was afraid watching Maria come inside.

Maria tells Teni she was playing the same game Teni plays with her and Maria also said that she comeback at the Bhanushali house for which Teni also scolded Maria.

Maria tells Teni she is herself leaving the job, she needed money direly as she was in need of money and Maria also said to Teni that she will recall her surely when she will be bear the pain of childbirth.

Teni would remember her when she will bear the pain of childbirth. On the next morning, Jalpa was a bus on a call. Teni comes there and asks if she will feel pain during childbirth? Jalpa assures that this is common for every woman to fee pain during childbirth!

Now Jalpa gets a video call from her associate, the patient was critical so Jalpa rush there and Teni became anxious somehow for something.

Now Jalpa teaches Spursh to tie lases of his shoes and Jalpa also gives him chocolate milkshake to finish it and he finishes the same. Bharat stood at the door and thinks anyone would think this is Jalpa’s son, which is about to love the children.

Now Jalpa went in the market with Spursh and Bharath also asked her to do the online shopping. In the shopping mall, some misunderstanding created but eventually also solve s.

Teni was worried and attempts to call Parth but Parth did not receive her call but Teni is keen to share some of her tension with Parth which she gradually shares with Dadi and Indu.

Teni was afraid of the pain. Indu and Dadi tell Teni that such pain is a good pain which is a blessing and every woman went through this pain once in her life still Teni is scared of the delivery pain.

But Dadi also asked Indu that each woman feel scared of the delivery pain for the first time. She discusses with Indu there is a way so that Teni won’t be scared of the delivery pain.


The ladies compel Teni that pain of childbirth is a sweet one. Jalpa comes to show her a video. Teni was even frightened, she says she will only give birth to the child if Parth is here; else the child will remain in her belly.

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