The last night episode of the TV series Dil Se Dil Tak begins with Jalpa come to the home but feels bad as she did not buy anything for Jayu. Bharat sweetly reminds her that she should first remember her own son.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Written Episode Update: Parth To Find Proof Against Teni

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He leaves with Jayu for an outing, Jalpa signals Spursh who is also keen to have ice-cream. Bharat takes them for an outing. Jalpa decides never to repeat his mistake and she received the call of Baa.

In the room, Teni is tensed for the childbirth and Baa tells Teni that everyone experiences this pain which is ultimate. Indu and Jalpa come there Jalpa reveals that Teni there is a way to save her from such a pain, C-section.

She shows Teni a video of C. section. Teni wasn’t ready to give birth to the child as this can damage to her body. Even Parth left her alone, and if he doesn’t come here she won’t give birth at all. Jalpa calms Teni but Teni is very tensed now.

While sleeping Teni is still worried about the delivery pain and when Indu sees that Teni is restless because of this, she feels bad for Teni.

She tells Teni that Ramnik was in the delivery room when Parth was born.

He was shouting more than her, but she got courage when she sees him in front of her and Teni asked Indu means Parth will have come when I’ll be giving birth to the child.

Teni says she will have to bear it all alone but she can have courage if she sees Parth in front of her. And now Teni recalls the Parth’s promises to her, to be there always for her. She confirms Indu.

Indu assures to Teni that Parth is her son and she is assured of it that Parth will be always there for Teni.

The next morning, Indu brings tea for Baa and Dada Ji and Dada Ji asked about Parth to Indu and Indu said he is gone somewhere in the morning for his works and when Indu was advocating Parth suddenly  Teni come and asked questions if there is something more important than his child?

In the car, Parth asks the inspector if he got to know something. The inspector says upon no but this clears that till now we have no any proof against Teni.

The inspector refers Parth to the only man capable of finding anything but for money; Munna.
Teni is angry over Parth’s carelessness.

Munna asks Parth for a huge amount of his work, he will complete the work in 72 hours else will return double the amount. Parth explains him about the task.

Munna asks for the photo of Shorvari; and sends his account number. Parth thinks Teni must pay and Parth also decided that he can do anything to teach the lesson to Teni.

.At home, Teni cheers up as there was a knock at the door. She goes to take a class of but she suddenly feels bad to realize that Parth is going to America.

Teni reveals this to everyone that Parth is going to America, Indu thinks Teni to send America to Parth but Baa said that Teni should not do travel.

Indu and Baa make the different plan so that they can stop Parth from going to America and Teni are very happy with this and finally, Dada Ji joined them and decided that Parth should not go anywhere!

PRECAP: Munna gets a call from Parth. He says the task is much more difficult than he had assumed. Parth was ready to pay him whatever he asks for, he only warns proof against Teni. Teni had just opened the door and hears this.

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