The World at Your Fingertips



Gone are the days when nomads referred to the homeless. Digital nomads are ruling the world now and during the current wave of pandemic, digital nomads were least worried about finances. Wondering how that works? Well, it is quite simple. All you need is a device to work on or some telecommunication network to connect to your workplace and perform your job no matter which corner of the world you are sat in.

Doesn’t it sound interesting that you are enjoying a sunset at a beach and working simultaneously? Working remotely is an emerging concept and a brilliant opportunity for the ones who want to be their own boss. If you are looking for remote jobs in India, come join us at Hirewithtogetherhire. Since India stands at the 2nd top most of the freelancers, we help you to explore remote jobs online.

Being a digital nomad does not require an explosion of skill set. A good network connectivity and Commitment and creativity are the key factors that would lead you towards success. And the most significant thing to remember is that for a creative mind to work, a change in the working environment is a must. Hence, you don’t stick to a certain place rather keep moving to different locations around the world.

You can grab some coffee at a café or StarBucks and start working right from there. Analyzing your Resume, we will find the best suitable remote jobs online for you.

Significance of remote jobs in India cannot be denied. According to a recent survey’s findings, over half of the employees in India are working remotely which is a huge number of people. Furthermore, remote working is not confined to a specific domain. Be it calculative job in nature i.e. accounting, engaging with customers of some company, preparing advertisement content, offering IT services in the form of web developing, software, recruitment and hiring, performing the job of quality analyst, content writing for websites, SEO consultant, digital marketing expert, the easiest one teaching virtually and the list goes on.

There is no restriction of what cannot be done online. As mentioned above, commitment and creativity are required for the task.

To be a successful digital nomad, you need to get yourself ready mentally for a dramatic change in your life. Get used to travelling, develop a habit of adapting to the available environment and the limited facilities but certainly do not compromise over the quality of the network and serenity you need to work in.

Another worth noticing thing is that you should be ready to leave your comfort zone and accept challenges. If you are an introvert, stop being shy. It is the hour when you should start connecting with people and be more sociable. Feel comfortable to ask and give favors. The world works on the principle of give and take and there is nothing in that, just have a practical approach.

The next step is to decide what you are best at. Search some relevant jobs of your specialized domain and have some working on what possible ways you can use to perform your job and how much work load you are ready to take on as a beginner. Set a price for your work. Do not settle for less than you deserve even if you are a fresher. Mental labor is the hardest of all jobs, keep that in mind. However, have some flexibility. It is a good trait to possess in the personality of a digital nomad.

Now, when you are ready to take on this job, make sure that  you have a quick research on some destinations you would like to be at while working. Whatever fascinates you and makes you feel like a content soul, go for it. Nonetheless have some contingency plans since things do not always go along with you as planned. A good digital nomad always has a Plan B and this job requires one to avoid uncertainties.

One crucial thing that must be taken care of is that you check and recheck your gadgets. Get some parts for your gadgets. Grab a spare charger and a battery. Make sure you watch some basic tutorials on how to fix little issues of mobiles, iPads or laptops. You have to rely on yourself in order to save time and money both when you are working remotely.

The great virtue that lies in this job is that you have the right to choose a place for you and even this very fact enhances your productivity because you are free of the dos and don’ts. So, what are you waiting for? Decide now what field are you made for and get ready for a phenomenal experience as well as an adventurous life waiting for you ahead!