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Dhanteras: 5 Cool Gift Ideas, Which You Can Buy For Your Near & Dear Ones

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Well, the Hindu festival, Dhanteras, which is touted and regarded as one of the most auspicious Hindu & the Indian carnival ever, which is celebrated in the whole country, in fact, in the world, with the massive enthusiasm and zeal.

It is the Hindu festival, Dhanteras, one of the most auspicious Hindu festival ever, is also bring happiness with itself as the festival is indeed very special and this year we will be celebrating the Hindu festival Dhanteras on the 25th 25 October.

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The Hindu carnival Dhanteras is also known as the Maha Parva of Diwali and with the Hindu festival Dhanteras started it is the celebration of the Diwali or the Deepavali is also beginning which is known as the “Festival of the light”.

On the day of the Indian festival Dhanteras, we all buy gold, silver jewelry and utensils which is also marks the auspicious sign also and as per beliefs and the tradition buying something new on the occasion of the Dhanteras, is considered to open the path of our life towards development.

As per the Hindu mythology, it is on the occasion of the Hindu festival Dhanteras, we all Hindu people offer puja and prayer to the Hindu God and Goddess, Lord Kuber, and Mata Laxmi whom we all considered as God and Goddess of the wealth and the prosperity indeed.

But nowadays, people buy different kinds of the unique gifts on the occasion of the Dhanteras, like the festival, in fact, any festival is all about gifts sharing with our near and dear ones, and in this article I will discuss about 5 gifts ideas, which you can use on this Hindu festival Dhanteras anyway.

Dhanteras: 5 Cool Gift Ideas, Which You Can Buy For Your Near & Dear Ones

1). Necklace: Necklace, it sounds good, suppose if you buy a necklace and present it to your wife, sister, mother, or the even female friends, then on this festival of the Dhanteras, it can bring happiness and smile on their face because real essence of any festival is all about spreading smile and happiness.

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2). Smartphone: Being a wife, you can present a Smartphone to your husband on this Dhanteras because Smartphone is one of the cool gift idea, which anybody can use on any festival or the special day, no matter if you use this gadget as a fantastic gift idea on this Dhanteras even, as now it is digital period and we can also go digital and being a wife, it is your duty to bring a gift for your husband too.

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3). The idol of the Mata Laxmi:

Nothing is literally as special and as extraordinary as buying idol of a Mata Laxmi as it is the Hindu festival Dhanteras we all celebrate in the name of the Mata Laxmi and the festival is also dedicates to her.

So, if as per my blissful beliefs and theory, if we bring an idol of the Mata Laxmi, the Hindu female deity of the wealth, on the occasion of the Hindu festival Dhanteras, then it will be surely going to bring happiness and prosperity in our lives.

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4). Laptop: The Laptop is also a cool idea to buy on this Hindu festival Dhanteras because in this digital world, the laptop wills also surely going to bring a smile on our near and dear ones’ face.

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5). Silver utensils:

As per tradition, it is good to buy the silver or golden utensils on the Hindu festival Dhanteras, and I will suggest and opt to buy silver utensils instead of the Gold as somehow I just love silver.