The Unfortunate Death of True FEMINISM on Social Media in India!

Atish Home Chowdhury

I wish I couldn’t have written it but the incessant usage of the word FEMINISM and its concocted ideology with wrong narrative on social media has forced me to put forward my perspective on this interesting subject.

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Candidly speaking, I am an honest Indian man with a complete focus on all-pervasive gender equality across the country irrespective of one’s gender, and other orientations or choices.

Feminism in India

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First thing first. The term FEMINISM has actually wider connotations and it goes beyond the favoritism of women and men-bashing only. The dictionary meaning says, it advocates for women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

But in today’s context, young men and women find it an easy tool to bash men. When someone counteracts, then “These Social Media – Gen Next tech-savvy users” slam them by delineating matters of past on how women were subjected to various atrocities.

What I Feel About Societal Equality in India?

As a rational person, I condemn all types of atrocities against women/men or any other community (read LGBTQ), committed by anyone anywhere in the world. I believe any violence or crime must be checked by Police and perpetrators must be brought to book in no time.

So, while explaining the term FEMINISM, we must remember that it is a movement and not mere a definition. There are several theories that later cropped up from the very basic idea. It includes the likes of FEMEN, RADICAL FEMINISM, FEMINAZI & ETC.

Feminism in social media

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It shakes me from within. I don’t know how to start and where to end. Not just women, even men from underprivileged societies suffer here a lot.

Annual episodes of farmers’ suicides are well known. Similarly, people of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community face severe identity crisis on daily basis in India.

But then some people refuse to bow down before the rudimentary and inhumane societal customs. Today, a few people from transgender community also get good jobs and live with dignity.

However, we still need to work a lot towards uplifting the quality of life of the general people alongside marginalized community as well.

Feminism in Indian Context

Women constitute 50% of our demography. Without bringing a qualitative change in their lives, we can’t become a developed country any sooner.  

Unlike western countries, where women had to work harder for their rights, Indian women have been granted equal rights as per Indian constitution. However, our deep rooted biases and misconceptions made us a failure.

feminism death social networking sites India

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Relentless use of FEMINISM & FEMINISTIC ideas in wrong context is making things worse. Everyone should be viewed equally. Anyone doing wrong is the perpetrator irrespective of their gender and sexual orientations. They should be booked to justice as per the prevailing law of the land.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding or Rogue Mindset?

The biggest irony in Indian context is that here we worship female goddess, but in reality, women face many daily problems. And not all problems are created by men alone. In rural villages, women are not allowed to enter pubs, temples or even talk sense. They are not even allowed to wear what they want to.

Such rogue mentality emerged from deep rooted partial mindset. Many parents start saving money for their daughter’s marriage from day one of her birth.

It is the biggest joke on humanity and marriage ritual. Marriage is not anathema, and a girl child is not “Other’s Wealth (Paraya Dhan in Hindi)” as many say so.

feminism misunderstood social media

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People have transformed the pious social institution like marriage into a “BIG FAT INDIAN TAMASHA” with opulent use of money. Even aunties in villages ask more about a woman’s marriage than about her education.

It clearly shows that how much ignorant they are. Similarly, at many places, the banned, inhumane and criminal practice of infanticide and feticides still continues. Such things must stop!

Towards Creating a Just and Equitable Society in India

  • Feministic organizations should also focus on primary and higher education of girls and other vulnerable sections of the society including disable people and LGBTQ community as well.
  • Dowry in any form should be strictly reported to the nearest Police Station by bride-to-be or her family members.
  • Society should treat LGBTQ with as much respect and dignity like other men and women. The government should pass necessary legislations for the same if needed.
  • Everyone should have equal access to education up to graduation or PG level at least. Government needs to provide scholarship and other facility to ensure that meritorious but economically-weaker students can also study without any fear of rising cost of education.
  • Crimes like rape, sexual abuse and robbery or kidnapping, which are life threatening to victims must be seriously curbed and prevented.
  • Equal pay for equal work must be the norm everywhere. In government offices, this rule does exist. Now, the same needs to be followed at private sector too.
  • The definition of IDEAL MEN or WOMEN or PERSON needs to be changed. Society believes one who doesn’t go to pubs or indulge in drinks as Ideal. It needs to be changed.
Indian feminism social media

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Just because a person (men or women or anyone else) indulging in drinks, it doesn’t mean he or she is inherently bad. Similarly, just because a person is teetotaler doesn’t mean he/she is good. The rural India needs to change its mindset.

  • All sorts of crimes committed by inebriated people must be strongly dealt with in fast track courts, and culprits must be punished.
  • All sections of the society should be allowed to fight for the motherland within their respective capacity as a soldier or army officers. Similarly, every person should be allowed to enter temples as it is a matter of faith, and must not be objected to.
  • Don’t care for any tradition or ritual that goes against the basic tenets of Indian constitution. Be a rational person overall.

Equitable Empowerment of Everyone is Important in FEMINISM

Today, Indian society is experiencing massive transformation for good. Now,a woman can reach moon, a transgender person can become judge and a tea-seller can become Prime Minister if they have the right vision and aspiration to serve the cause of the nation. In order to ensure we move into the right directions, we must understand the cause of the nation.

Is social media demeaning feminsm

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Students are unbiased and equally represent both males and females. Their issues should be dealt promptly without making them feel let down.

Students and the Youth are the OUR FUTURE we need to inculcate the right tenets of GENDER EQUALITY, HUMANITY AND RATIONALITY in their minds so that our dream of an IMPARTIAL AND RATIONAL INDIA can become a reality soon.

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