Delhi NCR today woke up with smoggy morning, the air quality of the capital city remained in the ‘severe’ category in the different part of the city.

On Tuesday the state government had ordered all primary schools to be shut down which can bar outdoor activities for children in the wake of the pollution alert.

Delhi air pollution LIVE updates: Air Quality Deteriorates Stated By Sisodia; schools Will Be Close Till Sunday

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The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said about the city Delhi that it is turned to be like a “gas chamber”, reviewed the situation in a meeting where he focused how health is going to affect with this environmental changes here.

The Delhi government is “prepared” to re-launch its odd-even transport scheme which can restrict trucks from entering the city in the case of an “emergency,” deputy CM Manish Sisodia stated.

The government also issued a health advisory for Delhites, especially children, the elderly and those suffering from heart ailments and asthma. “We appeal to the people of Delhi to avoid morning and evening walks,” Sisodia had said yesterday.

Delhi air pollution live updates: 

6:55 pm:  The Delhi government has suggested the Delhiites avoid personal transport. It has issued health advisory urging for people with the statement “Keep the environment healthy, not only by words but also by your actions. If you feel irritation in the throat and nose, take steam and do salt water gargles. Drink plenty of warm water so it can maintain the good hydration. “If anytime you are feeling breathlessness or palpitation, immediately go to the nearest medical facility. Do not smoke, as it harms not only you but others also,” the advisory said.

5:00 pm: As air pollution reached alarming levels in Delhi so there was a spurt in fresh cases in hospitals and conditions of patients with the history of asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and cardio-vascular diseases deteriorated. Whilst, people were seen wearing masks to protect themselves as well by this way they can also get rid of the respiratory problems though the doctor said that some people can develop some serious diseases and its bad effects.

4:50 pm:  The traffic advisory has issued precautionary measures for motorists so that accident can be avoided as nothing is visible in the city because of the smog.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts.

DOs :

  1. Check weather forecast before starting the trip
  2. Delay the ride, If there is a fog warning.
    3. If you are caught driving in fog, Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits the conditions
    5. Make sure the full lighting system of your vehicle is turned on.
    6. Use your low –beam headlights, High beams reflect off the moisture droplets in the fog, making it harder to see.
    7. If you have fog lights on your vehicle, use them, in addition to your low-beams.
    8. Use pavement markings to help guide you. Use the right edge of the road as a guide, rather than the centre line.
    9. Keep your windows and mirrors clean. Use your defroster and wipers to maximize your vision.
    10. If the fog is too dense to continue, pull completely off the road and try to position your vehicle in a safe parking area. Turn on your emergency flashers, in addition to keeping on your low-beam headlights.



1.Avoid speeding up suddenly during fog.

2.To avoid the collision, don’t stop on the traveled portion of the road.

3.Don’t speed up to pass a vehicle moving slowly or to get away from a vehicle that is following too closely.

4. Do not overdrive your headlights.

4:00 pm: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sought a meeting with his counterparts in Haryana and Punjab in order to discuss ways so that in Delhi the air pollution levels will be handling. In letters to the chief ministers of Haryana and Punjab, Kejriwal stated that governments in the neighboring states had failed to provide farmers with viable alternatives to stubble burning, a process that leads to air pollution in Delhi.

3:50 pm: Dense smog continues in the national capital, visuals from Delhi’s RK Puram.

2.45 pm: The AQI in the city was recorded at 484, which is worsted than the Tuesday weather condition and level is 448, reports PTI

2.30 pm: Numerous accidents have been reported because of thick fog, reports ANI

1.29 pm: “Air quality in Delhi is worsening, has directed all schools to remain closed till Sunday”, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia

1.15 pm: The low-visibility in the road has also resulted in accidents in Uttar Pradesh. Because of the dense smog, several vehicles crash into each other on Yamuna Expressway.

1.00 pm: 30 trains and flights have been delayed because of low visibility, reports IANS

12.20 pm: The National Green Tribunal sought an explanation from pollution control boards of Punjab, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan and the Central Pollution Control Board and Delhi Pollution Control Committee on action taken to control the nuisance of air pollution in the areas.

The NGT had rapped the governments of Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh for not taking effective steps and they want to improve the air condition of Delhi. “The ambient air quality is so bad that children are not able to breathe properly. Why didn’t you spray water using helicopters as per our direction? You take instructions and inform us day after tomorrow.” The tribunal was hearing a plea seeking immediate action in the capital.

11.20 am: Wondering why experts tensed about this air pollution? Well, this is because this pollution is going to effects your lung function and can also result in respiratory problems and diseases like asthma, COPD. The particles can also result in the stroke or heart attack. Apart from this, continuous exposure can lead to skin diseases, chronic cough and shortness of breath.

11.00 am: There’s still hope as you peer into this winter pollution haze. It is us, the residents of the city, who should do our bit to make the situation better.

Delhi air pollution LIVE updates: Air Quality Deteriorates Stated By Sisodia; schools Will Be Close Till Sunday

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10.30 am: As per the PCB, Air Quality Index (AQI) level 100 is satisfactory. Delhi’s AQI usually ranges between 300 to 400. However, yesterday most places in Delhi had crossed the level of 440, making it the most polluted day of this winter. Last year after Diwali, the levels had reached AQI of 500 (highest), leading to an alarming situation in the city.

10.21 am: Smoke from stubble burning in parts of Punjab and Haryana introduced moisture in the air and turned the city into a “gas chamber.” The Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) announced a series of preventive measures, including, slashing of metro fares and quadrupling the parking fee in the city.

10.10 am: According to Indian Medical Association, the situation in the city is better than yesterday. “PM10 is still at a dangerous level, but it is lesser than yesterday. Precautions recommended for two more days, try to stay indoors, do not go out for exercise or walks,” Dr. KK Aggarwal, president of Indian Medical Association said, reports ANI.

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As per the media reports, the city Delhi declared already as the “public health emergency.” It has also asked the government to cancel the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon that is scheduled in the city.

9.35 am: A plenty of citizens is seen wearing masks and carrying inhalers.

9.25 am: As per SkymetWeather, the visibility at the airport is very bad so it is expected that the flight will be delayed. In case you are flying, check out the flying status with the airline before heading out.

9.20 am: Air quality status in the city

Lodhi Road | PM10: 601 | PM2.5: 581
Delhi University | PM10: 669 | PM 2.5: 609
Pitampura | PM10: 624 | PM2.5: 570
‘ alt=”?” draggable=false class=emoji v:shapes=”_x0000_i1028″>  Delhi Airport (T3) | PM10: 585 | PM2.5: 541
Noida | PM10: 600 | PM2.5: 575

*data source: SAFAR

9.14 am: Ousted AAP leader Kapil Mishra has dared CM Arvind Kejriwal to face the public and reveal what steps have he planned to control the alarming levels of pollution in the city. Taking to Twitter he said, “As father of a 6-year-old daughter in Delhi, I demand my CM should face the media today, Health minister shd face questions & Environment minister should tell what’s their plan – कहाँ गायब है दिल्ली के CM, Health Min और Envin Min ??? #DelhiSmog #Smog #smogindelhi”

9.03 am: Haryana government has also decided that the government should be aided and unaided private schools will open an hour late till 30th November as the dense smog in the state can affect the health of the children.

The schools will now open at 9 am instead of 8 am.

8.57 am: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter said that he is going to write letters to the chief ministers of Punjab and Haryana and request a meeting to find the solution to crop burning.

8.50 am: All schools in Ghaziabad have also been ordered to stay closed by the district magistrate as pollution level is going high in the city and in the NCR region. District Magistrate Ritu Maheshwari also declares that all construction activities in the region should be suspended for at least a week.

8.35 am: As per Skymet, a private weather forecasting agency, the air quality is going to remain the same in Delhi for the forthcoming 2 days.

8.30 am: Many students in the city are complaining about itching in throat and eyes because of the pollution levels in the city. “This is very problematic, I cannot even take a few steps without this (inhaler), apart from breathing issues there is itching in eyes also,” a resident was quoted by ANI

8.20 am: Air quality levels in areas like Lodhi Road continue to be in the ‘severe’ category, with high levels of pollutants PM10 and PM2.5 in the air.

8.15 am: The massive smog has engulfed the city on Wednesday as well.

8.05 am: Stay tuned with us for the air pollution news in Delhi NCR. We will be tracking air quality and bringing you all the updates from the National Capital Region.

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