On Tuesday the Delhi Jal Board passed a proposal where the water tariff will increase in the capital city by 20 percent for consumption. This is result in the exceeding of water 20,000 liters per month.

A new rate of the water tariff is going to increase and come in impact from the 1st January which is declared by the Delhi Jal Board.

Delhi Jal Board passes proposal to increase water rate by 20 per cent, new rates effective from Jan 1

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However, 20,000 liters of water is available for all metered households for free, those found exceeding the limit, even by a liter, can have to pay the entire quantity under the new tariff regime.

A decision regarding this actually pronounced and taken by the New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a meeting in the city.

However, in its election manifesto, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had promised free water and cheaper electricity.

As per this new norm, the water rate will be increased for those who are consuming even one liter more than the free 20,000 liters and those people have to shell out the bill for the entire amount consumed.

The proposal was announced and made by them in 2017 by the Delhi Jal Board which is all set to implements’ from this 2018 reportedly.

This is a said to be a step or measure control or tackle the water loss which is currently at 516 crores. On the last year, the loss was at Rs 209 crore.

Since the news comes out from the Delhi Jal Board that water tariff rate will increase the news is going viral and trending on the social site and internet.

Netizens are speaking much about the decision pronounced by the Delhi Jal Board and the Delhi Jal Board is trending on the micro-blogging site too.

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