A few days back, Delhi cops showcase their humility which has now become the talk of the town. In the time frame of just three years, Delhi cops have saved 3,000 poor children from roads and sent them to the rehabilitation center. The entire credit of this noble effort should go to the Delhi police who actually have joined hands with an NGO to make this effort possible for the poor children.

Delhi Cops Show Humility and Helped Save and Educate 3,000 Poor Children

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Chetna, a group started in 2002, is now working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged children the state. Mainly, the Chetna group is focussed on bringing smiles to the faces of children – who are coming from the poor background and forced to live on the street as as orphan.

Earlier, those children were forced to do some petty crimes for their survival, which is too sad to see in our Indian society. This NGO group is now putting its effort towards to give these children a second chance at life, the railway wing of the Delhi police coordinated with Chetna to start an ‘Open Basic Education Programme’ with a sole purpose to take those children in the rehabilitation center.

Actually, they have also launched and started a school in the Nizamuddin police station to execute this noble initiative. This effort actually brings light to the faces of those poor children as they are slowly realising the value of education now.

According to the NGO, there are so many runaways arrive in Delhi through trains, and it is important to target railway platforms only to find children to save them. The NGO team noticed that about 40-50 such children come every day on trains to Delhi.

Maneesha Bhatia, who is a volunteer in this noble work, stated to the famous English daily Hindustan Times saying, “Our objective is to rescue trafficked children, rehabilitate those who are away from their home and prevent them from becoming victims of drug abuse. In the school that operates from the police station, teachers from NGOs take care of children and we have seen encouraging results”.

Children who are rescued now getting a fair chance to get an education and a good life while leaving their painful memories as a matter of the past. The poor children also receive health check-ups and provided with good refreshments from time to time.

The organisation has also reunited 6,000 children from the railway platforms with their families since 2006.

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