There is a wide hue and cry following the US president Donald Trump’s order of banning immigrants entering into the US from seven Islamic nations, but the US’s role of making untimely military intervention has also created havoc to many of these nations.

Decoding US Policy of Military Interventions For Nothing

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In recent times, the state of Iraq has been completely devastated due to the law and order crisis that emerged following the emergence of IS in the state after the toppling of Saddam Hussein-led government in 2003 by the George Bush administration. The history of US’s interference in the internal affairs of other countries and creating law and order crisis in those nations is an open secret.

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According to the Correlates of War (COW) data released a few months back, there were around 93 civil wars from 1937 to 1997. Interestingly, the US had intervened in most of these conflicts supporting the rebels. The US with its huge economic and military powers has always been on the front foot while dealing with civil wars happening elsewhere.

Decoding US Policy of Military Interventions For Nothing

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The US Should Know the reasons of Civil Wars

The US is a prosperous nation, and in recent times, the country had hardly faced any civil war like situations. But civil wars are continuing elsewhere. Civil wars arise due to problems of income inequality, abject poverty, unequal distribution of natural resources, illiteracy and ethnic cleansing, but what adds more fuels to such problems are well-planned tacit strategies of repeated external military interventions by superpowers like the US, Russia, France, etc.

Decoding US Policy of Military Interventions For Nothing

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In Cold War era, Russia, formerly the USSR and the US were so busy engaged in fighting proxy wars based on ideological conflicts that they didn’t spare an iota of thought for the million people affected due to worldwide civil wars as prevalent in those days. These wars escalated more due to constant interference by foreign powers such as the Soviet Union or America. Approximately, a million people have died due globally in cold war era due to this rampant US-Russia conflict.

Decoding US Policy of Military Interventions For Nothing

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Even now, these erstwhile cold war foes don’t refrain from taking sides when it comes to an intra-state conflict by tacitly encouraging rebels to incite violence using their intelligence wings. Secret supply of arms and ammunition and other resources to rebels continues from these nations to prolong such conflicts.

Can the US Change Its Stance on Intervention?

Electoral politics has always been a crucial factor for the US to make a military intervention in other states. A successful military intervention that George Bush did in Iraq in 2003 helped him win the second term to office.

However, lackadaisical handling of the US embassy attack in Benghazi in Libya in 2012 by the Obama administration and the then Secretary of States Hillary Clinton had surely been one of the reasons why the Democrats lost the 2016 US Presidential elections held last year.

With Donald Trump at the helm of affairs, things are likely to change. Now this nation should now look more towards improving its domestic policy, and enhance job opportunities than interfering in issues that are related to other countries.

Washington should now devote more focus towards its own prosperity than going to a warring country and engrave the situation more in the name of mitigating the same.

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